Wednesday 24 November 2010

Page turners

My girls are in heaven at the moment, each and every afternoon our letterbox is filled with goodies. Something that can keep them entertained for hours, gasps of wonder and excitement are heard throughout the house.

The reason for their joy? No, it's not Christmas cards or wonderful handwritten letters, it's catalogues. Target, Big W, Myer, David Jones, Kmart. Filled with toys and decorations. They go through each and every page, exclaiming "Oooh look at that! I like that!", "That's a pretty one! I really want that one".
The big department stores are filling their little heads with materialistic dreams of Christmas morning. Colourful pages of Princess dresses, nail polish dryers, scooters... everything a preschooler could need, not.  Yet, I love them reading them.

Once upon a time, one Christmas while travelling and poor, I delivered bundles of these catalogues one hot Perth day. I never got paid as even after hours of shoving paper in boxes I still didn't hit my quota. Maybe this is why I have a soft spot for the catalogues. Maybe it's because it gives me a few minutes peace to make a cup of tea. Who knows.

How am I going to entertain them in the afternoon once the catalogues dry up? How will I pay for the postage to send such long, bulky letters to Santa?


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