Friday 26 November 2010

Dora the not-so-much Explorer and Santa

Goosey meeting Dorothy, cause, well, I didn't take a photo with Dora.
During our recent trip, we decided to take the kids to Dreamworld. They (and we) had a ball. Perhaps the biggest highlight was when Goosey spotted her favourite hero (after Buzz Lightyear, of course). Goose ran up and gave Dora the Explorer the biggest hug and held on for dear life until the big D's minder called out: "Does anyone own this child?"

After prying her off Ms Explorer's leg, Goose asked: "Why didn't Dora say anything?"
Skip explained to her that Dora was a bit shy, what with all the people wanting to take her photo and cuddle her. This was a perfectly valid explanation for Goosey and since we arrived home she's been telling anyone who will listen about Dora's shyness.

This morning, we had to make a trip to our local shopping centre and the kids were thrilled to see that Santa had arrived. Waving their little arms in glee, Santa ushered them over before I could usher them into Target (he was lacking in willing knee sitters, it appeared). After a few minutes of chatting, they returned with their hands filled with pencils and colouring books.

I asked what Santa was like. Goosey was delighted to reveal: "Santa's not shy, Mama. He spoke to me. It's really good, he's not shy at all. I'm so happy." I think that's something she has in common with St Nick.


  1. Happy that your little girl enjoyed both seeing Dora & Santa.

    Good call on why Dora didn't speak but just watch out next time she meets some one else dressed as Dora & they do speak.

    They are now starting to put microphones on the people in costumes now so they can speak.

    I remember when oldest daughter was younger use to tell her that (say dora for example here) had Laryngitis & the dr said they weren't allowed to talk till his/her throat was better.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. Oh, that is SO cute! Santa once called my boys over in Myer and gave them some stuff (can't remember what) and they were tres pleased!

  3. Too cute hun.

    Abi loved meeting the stars at Hong Kong Disney, she loved Snow White the most... But she hated the chippendales, haha.

    I'm not looking forward to Santa photos this year, last year's was so horrific that I had to visit 2 Santa's, the photos were hilarious though!

  4. That is so cute! Love your blog makeover, btw. I'll swap out your new button for the one I have up on my site. xx


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