Sunday 15 July 2012

Tough nut

My little Goose is one tough cookie. To be honest I'm a little in awe of her.

She's fearless. She'll take on people double her size if she thinks she's been wronged. She'll do it without thought.

She's so stubborn, she has an iron will.
She has a bravado that is chink-free and only her mother glimpses a rare crack in.

She'll squint her eyes ala Clint Eastwood and seek revenge. You can almost see the words 'Make my day' on her lips.

This week I've been reminded by just how tough she is. One night last week she woke in the night crying and said her ear hurt, by morning she said she was fine and we carried on with our day.

The next day she slept all day. When I asked if she was sick she said: "I'm just tired, nothing hurts." I took her to the doctor and on the way she said: " I'm just tricking I'm not sick."

The doctor said her temperature was 40 degrees and her ear was terribly infected. Goose denied her ear hurt no matter how many times the doctor asked. The doctor was concerned and asked me to bring her back the next day.

She woke the following morning and was chipper. Playing, laughing a little bleary eyed but happy. We went to the doctor. Her temp was still over 40 and ear raging red. The doctor took her temp three times unable to believe this chipper child had a 40 degree temp and a red raw ear.

I worry about my little toughie. But I worry about who ever crosses her more.

This photo was taken enroute to the doctor:


  1. My goodness! Goose the little tough guy. Poor little love, it's amazing the pain threshold of kids sometimes. Felix has also been really sick, but each day insists on pushing forward and keeping up with his brother and whatever else is going on. But the nights, oh the nights, they have been abysmal.
    Hope your beautiful girl is 100% again very soon... even if she thinks she's already 100%! xoxo

  2. SUCH a cutie! I want three just like her!

    Hope she's all better soon, even though she won't care a jot. x

  3. I can tell she's just as you described by that twinkle in her eyes.
    I hope that little sweetie is back to 100% guys have way too much going on to have anyone under the weather!

    Thinking about you lots.....

  4. What a trooper!!
    Kids are just amazing - espcially your little goose!
    :-) xx

  5. aww shes my little baby too! And she is amazing... I hope she is ok though?
    Give her a big hug from meeeee xxx

  6. She is amazing, hope she gets back to full health soon. So very cute too!

  7. "She'll squint her eyes ala Clint Eastwood and seek revenge. You can almost see the words 'Make my day' on her lips".

    I think that's the moment I fell in love with her :)

    As a nurse, I SERIOUSLY respect the tough nuts. I can't help it, I just do :)


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