Tuesday 17 July 2012

Strange days indeed

The past two weeks have felt like an eternity. The school holidays felt like 6 weeks instead of two. It's been a strange mix of great times and awful times. When I took Lil-lil back to school today everything felt a little different and it is I guess.

The kids have taken it in turn to be sick. Lil-lil fell ill the first day of the school holidays, then Darbs the next weekend, Goose a week later. Goosey is still very sick. I considered taking her to the hospital yesterday because I was that worried about her. Instead she went back to the GP for the third time in five days. Today she seems a little better. She's still pushing temps of 40 degrees, but I'm hoping we've turned a corner.

So with two weeks of illness and little sleep I feel exhausted. It's been a rough time. Plus I'm just mentally overwhelmed by what we have to do before we leave. To be honest, my head is already in Dubai in a lot of ways.

To counterbalance this I've had some really wonderful times as well. A truly fun weekend in Kangaroo Valley. Lots of lovely dinners with people I adore. People who I'll miss. Making lots of memories to take with me. While it's been busy, I'm soaking it up because soon we'll be in a city where I know no-one.

The next few weeks will be much of the same. A slog of getting things ready and fun times saying farewell (not goodbye, because we will be back).

I remember when BabyMac moved to the country and she said she was taking her friends in her laptop, I totally get this and I'll be doing the same. Tweeting, Facebook, the blog – it will be like you're all living there with me. So while Skip will have work and the girls will have school, I'll have all of you to talk to and share my adventures with.

A lovely catch up with Pink Patent Mary Janes. 


  1. Skype will be your best friend!

    When I went to Kyiv I didn't have any idea about social groups etc but I quickly got hooked into the International Women's Club, and they had weekly coffee mornings as well as lots of other groups and social activities.

    I did a quick search and there's one in Dubai - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dubai-International-Womens-Club/178541038852623

    Thru the women's club in Kyiv I met and socialised with a lovely bunch of women that I wouldn't usually have befriended, and after a while I had my own little social circle and didn't need the club so much anymore, but it was a great start.

    I've heard some expats say rather jaded things like, "I don't make friends anymore, just acquaintances", which I think is really sad. While it's hard to say goodbye to friends and move on, friends are always friends and I love the fact that I have friends around the world. My facebook feed is constantly filled with different languages.

    Take care xx

    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to write and find that out for me! I hope everything goes well with your big move too. xx

  2. The world is a smaller place these days x

  3. Absolutely, you will have your friends close at hand with your laptop by your side.
    Hope Goosey feels better this afternoon.

    1. Thanks Nat! She's still under the weather poor poppet. x

  4. What a couple of weeks - for your mind and body.
    I can empathise with that feeling of your head basivally being one step ahead.
    Sending you healthy, sleepy vibes.

  5. It's so ballsey to leave, it really is. I admire you a lot for that.

    And yes, I will be reading. Your blog is one of my must reads, I dunno, you're just so likable. And no fuss. I like that. Am a bit bummed we didn't get the chance to meet. But I'll be about. xx

    Also LMM .. how sweet are you? No, seriously. x

    xx Mrs P23

  6. Yep, we'll be right there by your side... saying we'll be on your lap just didn't sound right... you get my drift anyway. It's the beauty of blogging, making friends you can take anywhere with you.
    You have had a few crazy weeks, just a few more to go and then hopefully you can find your groove in Dubai, how exciting!
    Poor Goosey, she sounds similar to Felix... it has taken him so long to shake this cold/flu, he is still not eating properly and needs panadol to keep the fevers at bay. It's terrible.


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