Friday 20 July 2012

Changing gear

Our little Darbs is not so little anymore. In the past week he's had another leap in development and all of a sudden he seems bigger, older.

Yesterday he started doing this hilarious fake laugh on cue, which I loved but Lil informed me was 'annoying'.

I haven't been encouraging the poor boy to crawl. In fact, I've probably been discouraging him. But he's been able to get around quite well by shuffling and rolling. He starting crawling a little while ago, but could only go backwards. So he was seeing something he wanted and reversing away from it, much to his distress. He was also reversing under the lounge, under the TV cabinet, under everything much to the girls and my amusement!

Today he finally worked it out and can now crawl forwards. To say he's pleased with himself is an understatement. To be honest it's come at the worst time, but what can you do?

I should be grateful as by his age (10 months) Goose was almost walking. Although, being premmie, technically Darbs is only 8 months, so probably just the right age to start crawling. Hopefully walking (ie running away) is many months away!

For now it's nice to see the boy change gear and head in the right direction!

Check out the cuteness


  1. I'm so not rushing things this time around. Rolling, we can wait. Crawling, won't be for ages please! As for solids, I think six months at the earliest, found it so stressful last time around.

    As I remember though there is an upside to the moving lots - needing more sleep!

  2. Oh he is adorable!

    We're at that stage with Miss A too - I love it and can't stand it at the same time. It's so much more running around for me, but it's great that they can join in with the bigger kids :-)

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Go Darbs! There's no stopping him now, just as you get a box packed he'll probably come along and unpack it! Enjoy him!

  4. Well done, Darbs. He is very cute.

  5. What a gorgeous little man!
    I do have a soft spot for the reverse crawl though!!
    :-) xx

  6. Oh I LOVE a boy on the move, he is absolutely delicious Corinne. But I know what you mean about not wanting them to take off too soon also, you know once it starts... there is NO stopping them. Hope you have a lovely weekend, getting closer and closer to your big adventure now xo

  7. Congrats little D!

    The world is your oyster x


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