Monday 23 July 2012

Four my girl

Happy birthday to my little Goose!

What a year you've had! You've grown up so much. Those wild crazy curls have gotten crazier. You're the most unique little creature I've had the pleasure to meet, yet I see my grandmother and your father so strong in you. You're happy and cranky and grumpy and kind. You're happy to share almost anything with anyone.

This year you started preschool and have kept up with the big kids
You've become a big sister. You give your brother equal doses of hell and love.
You've learnt to write your name and draw the best smiley people.
You dance to a groove in your head.
You're about to move halfway across the world so you can ride a camel.

You are love and light. You're stubborn and rash. You're patient and affectionate. You're fearless and funny.

I'm so lucky you're mine.

Love you my special girl.


  1. absolutely spot on! Thats the Goose... wild and wonderful all at the same time! Happy birthday my lovely lady! Was so great to share in your special little party on sat... which ill miss when youre away xxx

  2. A lovely post for your lovely girl. Hope she had a magical day. xx

  3. What a beautiful post and a beautiful little girl. Love the pics and the words. Happy Birthday sweet girl Goosey xoxo

  4. Gorgeous!
    Congraulations to you all - and especially the beautiful birthday girl.
    Magoo is six weeks away from 4 and many times every day I'm astounded by his growth. It's an amazing time.

  5. Such a lovely post Corinne. That year from 3 to 4 is such a bigone for change. Happy Birthday to Goose, hope she had a fabulous day!


    Wow. 4!

    I can't even imagine Max being 4, but I guess you couldn't imagine Goose being 4 either :)

    This was so beautifully written xx

  7. Four is such a great age. Happy birthday to your sweetie. x


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