Tuesday 24 July 2012

Emma Laue giveaway

I often talk on my blog about how I have super talented friends. Truly, I'm blessed to know some smart cookies. Today I'm going to tell you about another of my super smart friends...

Emma is the brains behind Emma Laue Children, a divine clothing label for little ones. Em lives in Singapore with her husband and two gorgeous kids. Since she moved from her home town of Sydney and had kids, Em has poured her creativity into designing clobber for kids and she does it so well.

I personally know how talented Emma is and I'm the perfect person to blab about it because once upon a time, she designed and made my wedding gown. Emma has also made clothes for my girls when they were bubs. Now she's a super star kids designer and I can say "I knew her when..."

All her designs are made in gorgeous fabrics in natural fibres. She designs for kids aged 0-4 and I'm hoping she's going to start making dresses in my size soon (c'mon Em, you know you want to). All of her clothes are named after little people she knows such as Piper, Annabelle, Evie.

Here are a few of her numbers:


Cute, huh? Want to pick something up? Check out her site

Emma has kindly offered to give on of my readers a pair of her 'Henry' shorts. Cute for girls or boys, Emma describes the shorts on her site: Henry represents an ease and comfort which is perfect for a tropical climate. These 'little fisherman' shorts are wrapped at the front then fastened with a soft velcro and matching self tie. The elastic insertion at the back with gather detail ensure they stay put. Made from 100% cotton striped seersucker or 100% soft linen, they are super cute and a little bit different. 

So, one reader has the chance to win their choice of either the seersucker or linen 'Henry' shorts in a size from 0-3 (would make a fantastic pressie if your little one is larger than a 3).


To win:

* Like Emma Laue's Facebook page and/or join her mailing list on website
* Then come back, comment below and tell me: if your name was going to be put to any item of clothing, what would it be and why.

Entries close Tuesday July 31 at 11.59pm. Emma Laue will chose the winner based on the creativity of the answers (no debate will be entered into) and once announced the winner has 48 hours to contact me (it will then be redrawn if a winner has not come forward). The winner can be from ANYWHERE in the world (finally an international competition!). PS: It would also be nice if you liked my Facebook page.


  1. Oh Corinne, these are just gorgeous. I love the colours, especially the blue in the first shot and how cute are those shorts.
    If a piece of clothing was named after me, it would probably be something a bit retro, a bit funky and something that goes with the flow with some pink and silver thrown in for good measure.

  2. What a beautifully talented friend you have Corinne, these garments are stunning. Such a lovely giveaway. If a piece of clothing was to be named after me I'd have to choose a cool, floaty, sweet Summer dress... not unlike the one in the second pic... seriously, I wish your friend made her dresses for big girls too! And it's simply because I love to live in dresses... even in Winter I put tights under them, just so I can get a bit of dress action in.

  3. Ohh I love these!! So gorgeous , and perfect for one of my little men.

    If a piece of clothing was to be named after me, it would have to be something flowy, oversized, loose.
    Because that is me. oversized (haha). It would be in a white, or pale shade and something that can be worn on a day to day basis. Because again, that is me. Day to day life with my 4 cherubs, nothing fancy, just something nice , and something to make me feel nice.

    I am unsure whether the comp is still running, its 10:34 here in WA :)

  4. Hmmm. It'd be some form of stripe. Probably a navy and white striped top of some sort. Because I LIVE in stripes!! Such a cute line your friend has!! xx

  5. a pretty frilly purple dress as i love frills and purple

  6. For me it would be something flowey, elegant and whimisical

  7. Wow, Emma Laue's clothes are beautiful. Loving the shorts. The little details such as the pin-tucking just kill me. As a first time mama to a 17th month year old girl, I'd say I'd be some type of accessory either a hat or a bib or hair bow. With four molars coming in at once (yes, four, it is a house of pain for daughter, me, husband and the dog) at the moment. I'm working very hard when getting Miss Toddler dressed in the morning as the nappy changing, putting her hat on, doing her hair, putting a bib on etc tends to be akin to some kind of torture for us both at present. What is currently working is mama showing Miss Toddler how it is done so I often have a bib or hat or hair clip dangling off my head. Sadly I often forget to remove an item once I leave home so I'm sure I am known as "that lady" down at our local IGA with the dodgy hair accessory and yesterday my bestie took 20 unforgivable minutes before she let me know that I had a "granny magnet" bib tucked into my top at lunch.

  8. It would be for clothing that was elegant and feminine, but that didn't need ironing (because who has the time?!) and was impossible to be stained by baby food, dribble or vomit. Every woman's dream clothing range I think!

  9. WOW!

    You seriously have friends in high places!

    I was only just perving on her range over at babyology the other week!

    I think she needs to do a 'chez', after me ;) And all of my west suburban Melbourne goodness ;)

    Or a onesie for adult men, named 'skip', lol!



  10. What an incredible collection for the small people in our lives!! Such close attention to detail and beautiful fabrics!
    I know that "technically" they are not classified as an item of clothing but rather an accessory, but I am totally in Love with Pashminas (or scarves as my husband calls them! LOL!) And I do have a bit of a collection of them! How such a simple piece can transform an outfit from "nice" to "wow" never ceases to amaze me! And such a massive variety available- From the soft and floaty ones with tassels and sparkles to the more heavy duty ones that not only look fab but keep you warm as well! And don't even get me started on the numerous ways of wearing them!! For me nothing beats standing up at Owen Delany park in Taupo NZ in the sun on a cold and frosty Sat morning and watching our boys play rugby with a brightly coloured "Pash" wrappped around me and a steaming cup of coffee in my hands- That is when everything seems right with the world!

  11. It would definitely be a beautiful smocked dress-a total classic style!

  12. What sweet little threads!

    I'd love to see my initials on a scarf, glasses or handbag for sure.

    Those Henry shorts are seriously adorable and would look a treat on my son Teddy's legs this summer!

    Thanks Rin!!

    And thanks Emma, from one ex-Singaporean expat to another! Sam xx

  13. THe Hrenry shorts are so cute! I love the fabric choices on all the range.

    My choice of clothing would be pyjamas. As much as its fun to get dressed up and go out nothing beats curling up at home in my jammies! And nothing is more cuter than my freshly bathed babies going off to sleep in their adorable jammies.

  14. Would love the Henry shorts for one of my boys! The Emma Laue clothes are just beautiful. If a piece of clothing were named after me, it would be a vintage inspired pink floral dress. Girly and pretty - lovely.


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