Thursday 12 July 2012

For what ails ya

It's been a pretty miserable school holidays around these parts. We've all been sick at different stages - ear infections, coughs, colds. There has been very little sleep happening. I've had to spend a lot of time chasing passports, researching (and stressing about) schools, selling cars and all that kind of stuff. Just generally not being a fun mum (or person).

This has meant that has been very little fun had. This morning I decided enough was enough. We'd go on an outing that I'd been promising. A trip to the cinema.

Our local cinema has been playing Disney movies at the early session, so we rocked up ready to see whatever was playing. It was Dumbo. We've seen Dumbo approximately 800 times. They actually watched it yesterday. Oh well. We bought a 'small' popcorn and sat back in the cinema, enjoying the novelty of it all. To be honest they loved watching it up on the big screen. We were out of the house, doing something fun, not feeling too sick. Win, win, win. I let them dance around in front of the screen, no-one seemed to mind.

It really is a beautiful film and you realise just how wonderful it is up in Technicolor on the big screen.

So they can go back to school on Monday, my mind eased that they've done something out of the house that's vaguely fun.

How have your school holidays been?


  1. I haven't seen Dumbo in years and years! ANd how about those small popcorns - what a joke.

  2. I kinda know how you feel Corinne. Not that we're officially at school yet, but preschool follows the same terms, so we've had two weeks off preschool. Last week was ok, but THIS week has been a bit nightmarish. With the bad weather and the boys being sick, it's been anything but fun around here.
    I think the movies is a fabulous treat, so glad you got to get out to see one. You have so much going on though, don't be too hard on yourself xo


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