Monday 2 July 2012

Fifty shades of grey

No I'm going to write about the erotic e-novel, it's much more obscene than that. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself... Let's start at the beginning.

On Sunday, my head was really itchy. Being the mum of school-aged child I thought I better check in the mirror and see if there were any critters in there. I didn't find anything but saw just how bad my roots were. I was toying with the idea that I should just go au natural and let my dirty blonde color grow out. When I saw a couple of hairs that didn't have any dark roots.

"How weird that those couple of hairs never grew so the light blonde stayed in the whole length," I thought.

Hold on. That doesn't make sense.  Why would I have hairs that just don't grow. Maybe they're just naturally platinum hairs, really fair like I had as a kid. It's possible that I had a few of those. Then it hit me. Oh. My. GOD! No, it couldn't be...

I pulled one out. Oh god, it was. A grey hair!

Now, it shouldn't be a shock. My dad went grey young. My grandmother went grey in her 20s. I quite like the silver hair look. George Clooney is hot. I even like silver-haired women. Or so I thought, until I saw that grey.  I couldn't have grey hairs. I'm young, really young. Grey hair looks good on other people. Like Skip's nan.

This grey has come at a bad time. I turn 36 next week. It can't be possible that I'm four short years away from 40. I'm now officially in my late 30s. Again, I'm not one to be scared of aging, I'm more scared of not aging. It's just sometimes it gives you a shock that time is passing so quickly. In my head I'm like 26, actually I could even be 19.

So there you have it. Late 30s, wrinkles, grey hair. I never thought it would happen to me...

So tell me, have you found some greys? How did you react? Is it time for me to get a purple rinse?


  1. I'm waiting for my hair to get close to 100% grey now. I thought I liked my natural hair colour and I did, up until last Friday that is.
    Then I looked at it and thought "I'm not ready to be old" and I dyed the crap out of it. It's not the grey I object to, it's the crappy brown of the rest of my hair. If only it stayed dark and I had white streaks ... I think that would look pretty cool. Or make me look like a skunk. Still better than the current option.

    I will be a silver fox one day, but I think that day will be when I hit 40. I can't handle being 36 with mousy grey hair. If I'm going to be grey, it has to be all or nothing.

  2. Ouch!
    Why does the body steam right ahead with this aging caper, while our heads (on the inside!) are a fair bit slower on the uptake?
    I loathe (usually painful) reminders that I'm not actually as young as I think I am.
    When my parents were this age - to me they were OLD.
    I can't be old, for God's sake.
    :-) xx

  3. Oh, I know what you mean. I have some and I'm only 31 - actually, my first ones were discovered when I was 25. I blogged about this a little while ago:

    Sometimes I still feel about 16 ... but then I look at my five-year-old child and realise that would be impossible.

    Hold off on the purple rinse for now!

  4. I'm not sure if I feel better of worse that i'm only 33 and have been dying my hair for a few years to cover some pesky ones! That being said, having black hair will mean its pretty hard to hide :) And I come from a long line of early grey-ers.

    Go boldly towards the colouring unless you just cant be arsed and even them I am sure you will rock your look x

  5. I'm 33 and have a certain level of vanity going on, and I dye to keep the greys at bay! Bit depressing really. But you're right. it's more depressing not getting to 'old'. I am so looking forward to my golden years, so much fun stuff to do! Even with grey hair...

    xx Mrs P23

  6. I'm 40 (41 next month - gap! Choke!)

    I have to face the fact that I'm getting to the stage of having to dye my hair. Groan. But... it has to be. x

  7. I have grey hairs, and I'm blaming the kids because I only found them when I was pregnant for the first time!!

  8. Oh Corinne, never fear, I have quite the colony of grey hairs sprouting from my noggin now. It's really depressing when I straighten my hair and one of them stands out noticeably... so I just pluck that ratbag outta there and pray another doesn't grow in it's place. I'm the same though, have never been worried about going grey and always thought the grey look is quite distinguished... not so much now.
    I have never dyed my hair, so want to try and get to 40 before I colour it. I'm only 33 though, so think I might have a full head of greys by then.

  9. I found my first grey hair the morning I went into labour with Max :)

    And that's pretty much summed up parenthood & its impact on me ever since ;)

    Blame it on the kids! x


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