Wednesday 25 July 2012


I'm packing our lives into boxes. Some to give away. Some to throw away. Some to store.

As I lovingly wrap christening gifts, wedding gifts and other precious momentos a whole rush of memories and emotions swirl around me.

As I seal up the boxes I start to wonder how long it will be until I open them again. One year? Two years? More? What my life will be like. What I have seen. What I've experienced. Where will I be? Will I gasp and say: "oh I'd forgotten about this!"

It's like packing a time capsule.

The girls walked in and gasped when they saw our life in boxes. It must be strange to see the only home you've known slowly dismantled.

I remember moving boxes into this house. When it was just me and Skip.
Six years later, three kids later and half a world away.

It will be odd to open these boxes again and put our momentos next to new memories. Trying to remember Darbs as a baby, Goose just a preschooler and Lil only 5. Will it feel like a blink of an eye? Will it be a joyful home coming?

Time will tell.


  1. I love moving. I really do. The start of a new adventure, new faces, new places is all very thrilling to me.
    The house we currently own is the first one I haven't sold in a 5 year time frame. We seemed to move every five years for a while, now we are working on being here for 7!
    I know you have the adventure in you too, and deep inside, away from the drudgery of this workload, I think you are excited too.

  2. Wow Corinne, what a fantastic post. You are incredibly thoughtful and descriptive for someone who has so much going on. But I guess the mind can't help but wander onto these thoughts and of your adventures ahead of you. One thing is for sure, it will be exciting times and you WILL have a mountain of fabulous memories created from your time overseas... however long or short that time may be xoxo

    1. My mind is certainly full of many, MANY thoughts at the moment!

  3. Emma in Singas!26 July 2012 at 01:17

    I spy Riedel glasses!

  4. Funny you are doing this just as I am unpacking my own time capsule. Things that were packed away almost a decade ago when we left for what was to be two years away in the UK.
    I am unpacking almost unused wedding presents, gifts for a couple that are now a family of five... It is so odd and strange unpacking a life I can barely remember.
    You are setting out for an adventure and impermanence, just as I am facing the first prospect of a permanent life. It is so strange that permanent makes me now more nervous than change.
    Enjoy your new adventure as a family, the getting there and the anticipation is part of the fun. xxx

  5. WOW Corinne!

    It's starting to feel FAR too real now!

    & that's just me, I'm not even YOU!


    Take your time, & ponder on all of the memories lady xx


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