Tuesday 3 July 2012

Disco queens

Last Friday night was the school disco. I ummed and ahhh'd about going, then at the last minute one of the mums said: "c'mon it'll be fun. I'll help you with the three kids."

Lil and Goose spent the afternoon preparing their best glam disco outfits complete with facepaint. Goose dreamt about which boy she would dance with.

Finally the hour arrived and the girls excitedly walked to school. We pushed through the crowd into the hall and into my worst nightmare. The room was pitch black except for the twirl of glowsticks and a psychadelic light show on a screen.

Immediately the two girls disappeared into the black heaving mess. The music pounded my ear drums. It seemed we were in some kind of hardcore nightclub or rave. I was transported back to a club I frequented briefly in the Cross in late 1997.

Back in the olden days we had a school dance in year 6. We wore pretty dresses, did the heel & toe, the pride of Erin we may have even jumped around to Katrina and the Waves.

School discos have become a lot more sophisticated it seems. The DJ had the five year old girls grooving to Single Ladies and Barbie Girl.

Each time I passed a mum I knew I heard this uttered: "this is so much worse than I was expecting".

By the time we left both girls were sobbing. Exhaustion and sensory overload. I may be a little old fashioned but I think there's a place for the old heel & toe and not trying to make our five year olds, sophisticated 25 year olds. What's wrong with jumping around to One Direction with the lights not so low?


  1. Pride of Erin! I LOVE you. I agree x

  2. Our school had to review the playlist after the last school disco. No shit.

  3. Totally agree! Love a heel toe polka too! Our primary school is having a disco soon. Fortunately with 29 kids in the school, and the DJ being a teacher, it shouldn't be too hard core! Fingers crossed!

  4. Haha! This made me laugh Corinne. Angus went to a disco party when he was THREE! And it was an actual disco... I pretty much had the same reaction you had... What the?? They're just little kids. And I would have been freaking out not being able to see them either, oh dear, I must be getting old. Such a far cry from the old heel 'n' toe back in our day.
    Love the pic of your ladies, they look BEAUTIFUL! xo

  5. Hee hee.
    I giggle - but I completely agree.

    I have to supervise these things - and am appalled for the whole time!
    Since moving up the school to Yr 5, I nearly go into cardiac arrrest at the dancing, behaviour and outfits.

    I might be getting old (ok, I am) - but it is soooo unnecessary.
    (And takes feral to a whole new level.)

    Lights up, tone own the music and treat children like children.
    Give them sugar and appropriate music and let them have a ball.

  6. Ewww, sounds horrid.

    Ours went pretty well, I was going to stay, but there was no need. From 5pm til 6.30pm they pretty much danced aroundas you would expect junior kids to do.

    There were glow sticks and cordial but the lights were on, dimmed a bit, but I could see from one end of the hall to the other and it's a big gym.

    The senior kids...is grade 3 senior??? Got from 7 - 8.30 party animals!!!

    Also, we had no DJ, it was a teacher!

  7. I totally agree Corinne. Lights up, old fashioned dancing and fun, not dark and seedy for the kids, just let them be kids.


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