Friday 13 July 2012

Stuffs up and care bears

I'm having one of those weeks where everything you touch just stuffs up. I've spent ages putting together an ad to sell our car and when I check it the next day it's vanished. Completely gone. Like I never did it. I put a pot of vegetables on and walk away and come back to it boiled dry.
I spend half a day picking up passports (you know getting into town, finding a park, walking around, lining up) and then the next day find out I have to go the exact same place to get birth certificates authorised, that I had in my bag the day before. Could've all been done. But no, there goes another half a day.

We've all been sick. Ear infections, fevers, coughs, colds. Our last man (girl) standing fell last night. Poor old Goose has a raging fever and is so unwell.

The house is chaos. My mind is churning with 800 things that need doing yesterday.

Poor Lil is bored and every time I turn around she's created another 'mess'.

It seems that every school in Dubai is full. So what do I do? And then out of the blue a school says 'Yes, we can fit in your children' and I start thinking well what's wrong with it? It can't be good if it's not full. (It would seem that I'm becoming that crazy).

Truly, I just feel sick and tired and would love nothing more than to climb into bed and pull the doona over my head. The worst part of being a parent is feeling so unwell and not being able to call in sick. Not even at night.

Yes, there is a big pity party going on here. Poor me.

It hasn't been all bad, the funniest thing I've heard this week was the girls chatting in the back of the car yesterday:

Lil: You've got to share. Sharing is caring.
Goose: I don't like sharing and I don't like caring. I'm not like those crazy Care Bears. They're crazy.

Those crazy Care Bears.


  1. I cannot for the life of me imagine how you'd do this when everyone was in the peak of health. Perhaps we should catch up for a Good Old Fashioned Packing Party? I'll bring champers and a roll of tape? x

  2. love the car chat. so funny.
    I often feel like I'm wading through mud, each day seems to throw so many extra little problems at me. Miss 2 refusing to eat, miss 3 months needing to be fed as soon as we need to go anywhere, always running out of milk (!) and lately I seem to forget every single 'special' kindy day there is...
    I'm sure there won't be much downtime in the next few weeks - but I hope you have lots of volunteer helpers to get you safely on your way. Good luck Corinne. x

  3. Oh - now that is one tough week.
    I can only imagine where your head is at - when you can find it.

    Those crazy Care Bears!! Ha ha!
    :-) xxx

  4. Sounds like the week we've had a Chez 'Abulous. The place has been a cesspool of snot punctuated by high temperatures and an ear infection. To make matters more painful for me, my girls have been insisting on watching the Care Bears on our media centre. My husband thinks its funny that those colourful bears come from the Kingdom of Care-alot as opposed to the Kingdom of Couldn't Give a #%^!.
    Best of Luck
    Mumabulous @

  5. Oh god love Goose, she's gorgeous.
    You poor love. That all sounds like a shitty shitty week. And now mine doesn't seem quite so bad... though mine has been shitty too. Being sick and having the little ones sick just sucks completely. We're in that mode here too... but I don't have to organise all those things you have to, lucky for me... I'd be burning every dinner and getting parking tickets left right and centre.
    Hope next week is a better, calmer week for you Corinne xoxo

  6. Wah!

    Hope the weekend set you right, Corinne.

    I still have my Tenderheart and Goodluck care bears from when I was a little girl. They are my 'charms'. x

  7. I hope this week is a better one for you Corinne.


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