Friday 11 November 2011

Wedding belles

It's a busy day in the Daze house today. We've got a wedding on. Skip's a groomsman and the girls are flowergirls and my god they are going to look cute. We had a casual dinner and drinks with the couple, their families and bridal party last night and the girls were in their  element, soaking up the attention. Little D cried, as always!

Today it will be a blur of getting ready and sorting out bub.

I love a wedding. It's even more special when the couple are important people in your life. I have known the groom and his family since I was five, he's also one of Skip's best mates. He's marrying a gorgeous girl, who I can honestly say is one of the nicest, loveliest people you'll ever meet. My girls think she's 'beautiful' which she is.

Andrew & Kym, I hope today is truly wonderful. I hope that you have the most magical life together.

Stayed tuned for some pix.....


  1. Naww congrats to your friends. Hope their day is wonderful.

  2. Oh how beautiful and SUCH a perfect day for a wedding! Which on that note, I will add that apparently today has seen a record number of weddings for a Friday. Hubby was telling me he heard it on a news story yesterday. And it definitely makes sense, I know of 5 weddings taking place today and that's just in my circle of accquaintances. Must be something to do with the date I am thinking. Hope you have a wonderful time Corinne, you deserve to :o) Look forward to the photos xo

  3. Have a magical time on such a super special day.
    I look forward to the pics.

  4. Congratulations to the happy couple. Look forward to seeing some photos from the day.


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