Wednesday 2 November 2011

Friends, bloggers, countrymen

Back in the olden days, when we lived in communities, villages, towns, whatever. Mothers would talk to each other over the back fence, in the street, the town square, wherever and share their tales. In knitting groups, reading groups, church groups. They'd get advice, comfort, joy, shed tears.

These days life is different. Women go out to work. We live more insular lives. Still mothers and women like to share. Need to share. That's why I think blogging is so popular amongst mothers. Blogging creates those connections and provides a place for us to tell our stories. Except we may be making connections a world away, instead of over the back fence.

I've been lucky enough to share my stories and have people read and react. I've been lucky enough to make friends. Good solid friendships. People who check up on me if they're concerned. People who laugh and cry with me. People who I've spent time with in person. People like Beth from BabyMac, Pink Patent Mary Janes. People who I'm yet to meet but who I chat to each day and send me care packages, like Eleanor from Shopping the Closet (who was kind enough to write about me today).

Then there's the people who read and comment. Every. single. day. Thank you for making my world that little bit bigger and brighter.  I really, truly appreciate it.

I have a great circle of friends and family who I share my life with, but blogging provides another dimension. It makes the stay-at-home job easier. I kind of think of it like having friends in the workplace. People to chat with over the water cooler.


  1. Agree. It is a great place to hang out x

  2. Hear, hear.
    It works both ways - thank you for your writing, your presence, your inspiration.

  3. I'd love to meet in real life one day.

    I think our girls would have fun together. And our boys aren't too far apart in age too!

    I agree with this post 100%. It's a different world, and to be honest, some days I struggle with it. People seem to be getting busier and busier, and I struggle to catch up with friends these days. I'm hoping in 2012, I will find a way to get my social life back in order.


  4. @Sam – Would love to meet up with you some day soon. I know our girls are just a day or two apart in age. Will have to organise.

  5. I just blasted Get in the Ring in my car on the way home from the shops. And thought of Skip.

    It is like a water cooler hon.


  6. Agreed, Corinne. 100%. That who don't blog just don't seem to *get it*, I'm finding. J x

  7. This reminds me, we NEED to plan another catch up again soon x

  8. Yes, so well said Corinne. I feel the same way. I think the blogging connections are wonderful ones to have. I love the way we get to know each other and before long feel a real bond forming. Some of the blogging world are more supportive and attentive than some of my actual friends are.
    We're all pretty lucky to share in this virtual world and as you said, one day we might be able to enjoy each other's company, in person! xoxo

  9. It really does take a village to raise a child/ren, & because this is 2011, & there aren't villages doing this for each other any more, blogging is the next best (& such an amazing) thing.

    I LOVE my virtual village.

    Fantastic post xx

  10. I would go insane without social media and the friendships I've made. In. SANE. I feel horrid that I've been too busy lately to comment as much as I like - I wish there was a like comment on blog posts so I could show I've popped by and have an opinion xx


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