Wednesday 9 November 2011

Sleep tight - plus a giveaway

A few months ago, when I was pregnant, I received an email about a baby product that had won a bunch of awards called an Ergo Pouch. Now, I'm not one for 'miracle' baby products, when I was pregnant with Lil-lil, I went out and bought all the obligatory baby stuff, set up a room for her and all the other things I thought necessary. When she arrived she wouldn't sit in the pram, didn't sleep in her room (or bassinett or cot for the first three months). I discovered that babies don't actually need all that we think they do (or told they do), really they only need some clothes, some nappies, somewhere to sleep  (for Lil that place was my chest) and something to eat. Most of the stuff I bought sat and collected dust and made the baby store rich.

The only other thing I think is a neccesity is wraps. My bubs wouldn't sleep unless wrapped tightly. After the girls I became an experts at wrapping them so they couldn't escape, the only problem was that Skip and other people who were around weren't great at the wrapping thing. When I read about the Ergo Pouch I was keen to give it a try with baby D.

The Ergo Pouch cocoon is a little pouch that zips up and keeps bub snug and secure. No need for tricky origami type wrapping. Plus it's soft, cozy and comes in different thicknesses for warmth. The double zip means that you can change nappies or put them in a car seat without having to wake or completely undo them. I was sold!

I emailed and asked if I'd be able to try one out.

It arrived and D arrived tiny, too small for the newborn size. I put it away until he got bigger. I then tried it a few weeks later and well, it didn't live up to my expectations. I was thinking I'd have to skip reviewing it (as I'm not going to put any product on here that I don't like), I then tried it again and I think D was finally at the right weight for it. It was easy to put on him, he didn't escape and it kept him cozy. He can also move his hands to get comfy, but controls the startle reflex and still keeps him snug. While he's not settled at the moment, he does seem to love his little pouch once I do get him to sleep.

D modelling the Ergo Pouch cocoon (although it has slipped around  a little).
ErgoPouch is the brainchild of a clever Aussie mum! She's created a range of swaddles, wraps, sleeping bags and PJs too.  Check them out here.

ErgoPouch have been kind enough to give one of my readers one of their gorgeous Buba Gum Bamboo Wraps, which is a super stretchy, comfy and colourful wrap. It would be perfect for a new baby gift.

To win, simply tell me about your favourite baby product or which product you've pinned your hopes on. Open to Aussie residents only. Giveaway closes 8pm, Saturday, November 12. Winner will be announced on Sunday.


  1. Fussy or not, he's simply gorgeous!


  2. Hi Corrine, such a coincidence but I discovered these pouches online last night and as I read about them they immediately became the product I am pinning my hopes on!(Am due with 2nd bubba in 4 weeks.) Bubba 1 was a terrible sleeper who also favoured my chest so am looking for any way(s) to avoid that again.
    Wraps were the only thing that helped get some sleep with B1 so would love to win a lovely new one, in readiness or B2.

  3. My fave baby product was definitely the swing! Oh lordy, the few mins of P&Q they gave me during the nightly witching hour ... Bliss x

  4. Babes can be so different. I loved my Ergo baby carrier -sent him off to sleep easily. When I had number 2 it was my Phil & Teds pram to keep them both contained! Happy to hear you found a good wrap. Will remember it for my next babe.

  5. Oh just look at him Corinne! I'm all cluck cluck clucking around here right now ;o) He's so gorgeous!
    Looks like a fab invention. Anything that keeps them wrapped tightly and without too much movement gets my tick of approval... hehe, that sounds terrible, but it's true! xo

  6. After checking out the ErgoPouch website I want their whole collection! The Baby Sleeping Bags, Pyjamas, Swaddles and Wraps, Comforters ... I am so impressed!


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