Tuesday 22 November 2011

Eating truffles and watching soaps

So, what do you do all day? With all your free time?

This morning, I managed to pack the preschool lunch, eat breakfast, drop the husband at work, clean the bathroom, make beds, instruct the big kids to dress themselves, re-dress them when they came out in inappropriate clothes, put a load of washing on and wash the dishes all before 8am. Some days I'd be lucky to do all of this before 5pm. Today is a very good day.

For the rest of the day? I shall drop eldest at preschool, do the grocery shopping, hang out the washing, supervise at a preschool excursion, take kids to swimming lessons, be late as I'll be mesmerised by a baby smile for a moment, tidy up, cook the dinner, bath the kids and then collapse. Of course through out this I'll need to feed the baby which takes about an hour each time, change nappies, wipe bums, oh and feed Goose too. Maybe I'll get to eat too. Despite this the house will look like a bomb hit it.

Whilst I'm driving to and fro, I'll be answering questions from the back seat , reaching back to put a dummy in and dreaming about being able to drop it all and escape, just for an hour or two. Perhaps catch up with friends and laugh over a couple of drinks. Dream about curling up in bed and reading a book. Catching a movie. Having an adult conversation without being interrupted every 30 seconds with: "MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!"

The other day, someone asked what I did and I told them I ate truffles and watched daytime soaps. They just nodded and said 'Ahhh.'


  1. Possibly the most dangerous question ever uttered by mankind - "so, what have you been doing all day?"
    Enjoy your relaxing, indulgent day.

  2. Hahaha! This is fabulous Corinne. I do love the way you capture it all and get it down on the page so well. What you've said here is ABSOLUTELY true, for most Mama's I would imagine. I know it be true for me!
    No other job/profession in the world is required to provide so much time, put in so much effort, or be so versatile as being a Mama. We deserve more money... or just money ;o)
    Keep up the great work xo

  3. ...and knitting. Don't forget the knitting. x


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