Wednesday 23 November 2011

Small step into big school

Yesterday, Lil's preschool went on an excursion to big school. There's a primary school at the back of the preschool, while most of the kids aren't going to that school they went to get a little taste of what big school is all about.

Seventeen little kids lined up at the back gate and stepped wide-eyed into the playground, like they were climbing into Narnia. Lil's big school orientation happened the day D was born, as we were a little pre-occupied and she missed out. This was her first taste of the new world she's about to enter.

We walked through the playground, the library, the hall. Sat in a classroom and watched some Kinder kids, who looked huge and, oh so, grown up. The first thing I noticed was no blackboard. It's strange to think that something so ubiquitous in my schooling experience is something that will be relegated to a museum. "In the olden days you had blackboards? Wow, just like in the movies!" I can hear them saying.

We had lunch in the playground and then stepped back through the gate to the small world of preschool.

Lil-lil is SO excited now. It's starting to feel real to her and she's ready to go.

Me? Well, I just can't believe that my tiny little bundle is off to school. I swear it was just a minute ago we brought her home from the hospital wondering what the hell we were going to do with her. Just a minute ago that she rocked our world more than we ever imagined she would. A second ago that we sent her off to preschool. It's just crazy fast.

Thankfully I have all of December and January to prepare myself, I think I'm going to need it.


  1. Go Lil-lil, oh, she will love it, but I know what you mean. I saw my baby off on her year 6 retreat this morning - three days away from me.


  2. Daisy has a FULL day at school next week. It's just about too much for this Mama. She will LOVE it.

  3. Oh - it's just a blur isn't it?
    Why must the first sleepless days/nights draaaaag forever and the rest go in the blink of an eye???
    It's a bigger adjustment for parents than for the children.
    P.S. Smartboards rock my world!!

  4. Oh I know it's so scary! My little one goes in March!!

  5. Oh Corinne, we're up next year... and boy is it going to rattle my cage :o/ I can't believe we've only got a year to go! Crazy fast, indeed.
    What a great experience for Lil lil. She would have loved getting a taste for what it's all about. She sounds like she'll handle it beautifully :o) xo

  6. Oh doesn't time just fly! A big step for Lil-lil and exciting yet scary and sad for you!
    I can't imagine the day I send my now 16month old off to school, yikes!


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