Thursday 3 November 2011

Time sucker

Babies - the ultimate time suckers. I'd forgotten. Hours spent feeding, changing, settling - rinse and repeat. Then there's the time spent just staring at them. Babies are completely hypnotic.

I also have two larger, bigger time suckers. Ones that want me to watch them dance, draw, sing. Ones that demand tickling, toast and water. Ones that take complete advantage of the fact that often I'm glued to the couch feeding.

Yesterday's effort. 
These three beings suck every minute out of the day. The basics get done (barely) and then the extra bits (like sheets that have been drawn on or play dough spread in tiny pieces across the back yard).

I know I'm not super woman. I'm not trying for perfection here. I'm not even trying to juggle work and home or be chairman of the board. It would just be nice to brush my hair occasionally, put more than five minutes into my appearance. Have a home that doesn't have crusty bits in the corner or piles of clean washing needing to be put away. But these things all get put to the bottom of the priorties. At least we're clean and fed. There are things I can do one-handed while feeding - blogging, story reading, drawing, nose wiping.

Don't get me wrong, it's chaotic and it's fun, I don't hate it at all, it's just that I'm going to have to lower my expectations for a little while. At least until I'm not spending 8 hours a day feeding the baby.


  1. haha! All so very true.

    I've lowered my expectations.

    I just need to get Dave to lower his, i.e I think he developed the idea while I was pregnant that he would come home to a clean house, 5 star meal, & 1940's glamour wife.

    I've spent the last 11 months helping him to lower these expectations :)

    ... and I think I have done a WONDERFUL job! ;)

  2. Oh my, what a creation from your mini Pro Hart...

    Yep, lower them, then lower again. People expect a lot less than you expect of yourself. xx

  3. You just have to let it go when you have a baby to look after and feed! It was such a shock to me how much time babies need~ not that I didnt love it but people who wonder what you do all day really do not have a clue! Chill out and take it easy~ the house work will wait!

  4. haha cherie - I think I have followed the same path as you!!

    wow, that sheet decoration is really...ummm... creative! yes, yes, look at it as your little creative souls sharing their creativeness with the world :)

  5. oh yes, yes. I hear you. I've certainly had to lower expectations too. Like this week i wore the same t-shirt two days in a row, didn't even take it off to go to bed.
    I've found the jump from 2 to 3 a whole other ball game, and I think there will ALWAYS be washing.

  6. Once again, you've described it so perfectly Corinne. As perfectly raw as it all is too. Because this is my home, my life, my days also. They ARE time suckers, little ones. I seriously say to myself some days "just how do Mama's with 3 kids do it". But I know I used to wonder how Mama's with 2 kids did it, when I only had 1. And so it goes on :o)
    P.S. That sheet work is extraordinary! Budding artists right there Corinne ;o) xo

  7. You're extraordinary - by doing your ordinary.
    Those sheets are classic.
    From the outside looking in!!
    Would love to gift you those extra couple of hands right now.
    And they would just be for hair brushing!!

  8. You had me at permanent marker....
    Next care package will contain wine.
    You need it!



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