Friday 4 November 2011

The unsettled baby

The only thing more boring than talking about sleep (or lack of it) is unsettled babies.

D has been unsettled all week. But, you know, that's boring. So I'm not going to write about it.

Instead, my head has been imagining it's here:

And here:

Happy Friday!


  1. Sorry bubs is unsettled... I too am practicing some intense visualisation techniques and completely pretending that my parents are still here and we are all still on holiday. That beach looks like just the thing to help me with my fantasy!

  2. Been there bought the t shirt. Have sadly had to wear it this week too.

    Oh to go to NY, never been & who knows when will get to go...

    Hope D is better for you today. x

  3. Haha, I like where your head is at Corinne... unsettled baby or not :o)
    Sorry to hear that though lovely, hope the weekend brings some relief for both of you... in the form of a good 8 hour block hopefully xo

  4. Meet you there!
    Hope bubs is back to normal very very soon! x

  5. I'm going to the beach with you, okay? No unsettled babies, but a sick little girl and a demanding job. Hope you get some sleep soon! x

  6. Oh Corinne, I really feel for you. The whole 'sleep issue' is so traumatic for me after having the 3 pixies in 3.5 years that I still haven't been able to post on the topic. And no, we have not all slept through the night for the past 6 years! J x

  7. I like your thinking.
    Especially regarding picture #1.
    Just think, the tree will be going up soon in Rockefeller Center...we could ice in Little Italy...Christmas shop for the kiddos at FAO...then retire to the island after it all....

  8. The power of the mind!
    Enjoy those travels!
    I hope D calms down asap (and not just for the weekend!)

  9. I wanna be a part of it, NEW YORK NEW YORK!!!!!

    Hope next week is better.



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