Friday 25 November 2011

Mum mobile

I'm not really a car person. A car is just something to drive around in. Unless it's something vintage and cool, I don't really notice. Saying that, I've always thought (hoped) I might drive something like this:

Nice, huh? Suits me don't you think? I love me a Merc. Classic cool.

I've never been fond of big cars. Especially big Mum buses. Clunky. Awful. You see mums do that lumber into them. Just not me. Or so I thought.

I then had three children and discovered that car seats, while useful in saving my kids lives, do not fit in pretty much any car if you have three of them. It was time to suck it up and get a Mum bus.

Skip has spent months researching cars. Getting frustrated at me because every time I he asked my opinion I'd just shrug my shoulders and say 'Meh!' If it isn't a 300sl Merc, I'm really not that interested.

My only input was: "Some bloggers at the Kidspot Top 50 launch told me the Territory fits three car seats maybe we get one of those."

So now we have something like this:

I have to admit, despite my loathing of a mum bus, I quite enjoy driving it round. Lots of room for all us. No more getting my hand stuck while putting the seat belt down the side of the booster. It's kinda like driving my lounge room around. Comfy. Easy. Not cool, but well, that's life.

I have to do the mum lumber into the car and sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the review mirror occasionally and surprise myself. Wow, I guess there's no denying I'm a mum now. What with the mum mobile and all. And the little bits of crap ground into the car - spew, bread, spilt milk. Delish.

I guess I'm going to have settle for the fact I'll be a granny driving round a 300sl. Cause I will, one day.

Have you had to succumb to a 'family' car?

Note: this post was NOT sponsored by Ford or Mercedes. But if they want to, you know, send me cars or whatever, I wouldn't say no. Or even a driver. Or some kind of teflon coating so I could hose the car out of all the kid crap. I'll just leave it up to you, should I? Thanks


  1. Yep, I now drive a station wagon (the husbands old work car) and I love it.

    It is old enough that I don't care about the odd ding I may have added to it, plus could not care less if the kids eat in it etc as the interior used to house a tonne of engineering equipment and has seen better days.

    The best bit? The space! Am a total convert to a wagon and when this eventually dies we'll be getting another one. I couldn't go back to an ordinary boot anymore. Kids have so much 'stuff' you cart around.

  2. Yes - I traded my cute, zippy, perfect-shade-of-blue, with awesome rims Ford Focus for a second hand XTrail.
    But once you go up in the world (as in high up on the road - all seeing) it's hard to beat it.
    I love my mum-mobile.

  3. Ahhh such a timely post for me Corinne. We NEED to upgrade our car, very soon. It's a small ford fiesta hatch and whilst I really love my zippy little car and bundling the boys in the back, it's so small we're struggling to fit all the things we need into it :o/
    Therefore, research is currently happening at our place too. The territory is on our list, as is the Subaru Forrester and Mazda CX9. Both hubby and I are pretty clueless when it comes to cars, so it's good to get reviews like yours, any help we can get ;o)
    It is a scary thought turning into the 'Mum mobile' cliche, but why fight it!?
    That pic of your dream merc reminds me of Finn McMissile from Cars 2... I've really been brain washed by the Cars phenomenon xo

  4. I hope Mercedes come to the party and give you a day out in one of those cars - you'd deserve it!

  5. We have a Mazda 6 which I just love, hard. I have never been a car person, but I think I am now a Mazda lady.

  6. It took us about 3 months to agree on a car- my request "as small as we can and still fit in the pram and baby seat, and just not the current grandpa car- no leather". His- a million and one.

    In the end we agreed on the CRV (even though the last thing i wanted was to become a soccer mom- already having identity changing crisis enough with the pregnancy) and then we got the Santa Fe- I'm ashamed to say i love it! love how high i get to be when i drive it!


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