Thursday 10 November 2011

Sticky summer

It's arrived! Finally. I'm a summer girl. I love balmy evenings and warm summer days. I love the smell in the air that summer brings. I love that it means Christmas and holidays are just around the corner.

This year, summer has taken its sweet time in arriving, but I think I can confidently say we're almost there.

Yesterday (and last night) was a stinker! After I picked up Lil-lil from preschool there was nothing for it, we had to celebrate the warm weather by buying ice blocks and sitting in the backyard making a sweet, sticky mess.

Yep, it's my favourite time of year. When is yours?


  1. Absolutely, without a doubt - Summer.
    Sunshine warms me inside and out.
    The 'Summmer lifestyle' is the epitomy of good times.
    Sun (& screen!), sand, surf, swimming, bbqs... bring it on!
    Those pics are just adorable.

  2. I have to say it's Autumn. The proper change in the seasons - the taste of cooler weather in the morning and evening. Easter. The leaves...yes I am an Autumn girl. Lucky I live where I do...

  3. Besides the fact that I cannot FATHOM Christmas without chilly temps, wool and mittens...can I just say how happy you made me that you posted SO many gorgeous pictures of our favorite Aussie beauties???
    Ryan and I thank you! <3

    Oh, and I love fall. Crispy temps, trees blazing orange, Thanksgiving time and all it's yummy foods....yes, fall is my favorite!

  4. I'm with you! I LOVE summer. But I also love Spring. The crisp air, sunny days, cooler evenings. I think I always look forward to the next season..... Love those photos of the girls! xx

  5. Oh your girls are delicious... and so are iceblocks on a hot, Summer's day! Angus can't go past Frosty Fruits or those Splits... so we have a constant supply on hand in the freezer :o)
    I'm with you Corinne, bring on the Summer time, LOVE it! The only thing that irks me are the bugs (bloody spiders included, they have been freaking me out this week!) Here's to many more iceblock days on the lawn :o) xo

  6. Love those pics!!!

    I'm not sure where my heart lies. I used to LOVE summer. When I was younger and went to the beach, day clubs, festivals and parties. Nothing beats a house party in summer!

    But after living in Singapore for 2.5 years where it's summer EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!, I think I'm heading back to my roots of being a winter girl. I love snow, rugging up by the fire, hot chocolates, beanies, big coats, mittens and all things wintery.

    I will admit, summer in Sydney is the best time of year to live in Sydney. We don't do the other seasons very well but Sydney knows how to turn it up in summer. The harbour, the beaches, everyone seems to function better in summer.


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