Saturday 19 November 2011

Sick of the sound of my voice

I haven't written for a while, well because quite honestly, I'm sick of the sound of my own voice.

Truly, I just hear this screechy whiny whinging. I read back over what I've written lately and it just seems annoying.

Life is hectic at the moment. Life is busy. Life is tiring. Life is trying. But it's also wonderful, funny and joyful. Some times it's helpful to write. I feel like I'm getting something out of it and possibly giving something to someone else. But at the moment, it feels negative.

I've spent the past couple of days just relishing in the kids and their meltdowns and their crying and their moments. And soon, I'll have something to write and share. For now I'm just going to live life in all its glory for a while.


  1. As per usual Corinne, I can relate to this. There is SO much good when it comes to being a Mama, but when there is bad... it is generally really bad. Therefore, we vent. I personally don't think your posts have seemed whingey or negative, I think they're a great mix of exactly what I would expect you to be going through right now. Keep writing whatever makes you feel good, it's a wonderful release for you... AND it most certainly helps me when I read it.
    Enjoy all that glory with your little treasures and we'll all be waiting here whenever you want or need to write :o) xo

  2. Corinne, there's been nothing negative about your posts. Just the very honest musings of a busy Mother to 3. And honestly, I get a lot out of that.

    But I do know what you mean. Dave & I recently lost a pregnancy, & I could have written a post every day relating to how sad I was, but i felt that would be too depressing. So I wrote maybe 1, or 2, & left it at that.

    It's your blog, utilise it however you want :)

    But I'm being honest when I say I've not found it negative in any way at all :)

    Actually, I love visiting you here xx

  3. Oh Corinne. There's no need to apologise. It's your space and you're the exhausted mummy of 3 littlies including a premmie newborn. Having had our 23 pixies in 3.5 years, I totally *get* where you're at. I'm so impressed that you find the time and energy to blog at all! Use this space as you wish - we're not going anywhere. Let is be a source of pleasure to you and not an obligation or chore. Take care, Lovely. J x


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