Wednesday 1 June 2011

Monday morning glory

Our baby's best foot forward

Before you cross the street,
Take my hand,
Life is what happens to you,
While you're busy making other plans.

Monday was a big day for our family. It was Skip's birthday. It was the first day of a really big project that Skip is involved in. It was also the day of our 20 week scan.

The clan was up early, as we always are, dressed, breakfasted, lunches made, preschool bag packed and out the door before 7am. We arrived the ultrasound place right on time and still dry despite the rain that was absolutely bucketing down.

The girls ran amok in the waiting room until my name was finally called. Before long, the little bub appeared on the screen. Skip and I ooohed and ahhhed. The girls were suitably unimpressed. Goosey was rather taken with the stacks of paper towel rolls in the corner. The scanner took a lot of time getting measurements. Then I was told I had to go and empty my bladder. More poking and proding. Then I was told I had to wriggle around a little. More poking and prodding. Then I had to get up and walk around the room a little.

By this stage, Lil-lil was in tears and whining. I thought she was over the whole thing, it had been almost an hour by that stage. Goosey was practically hanging off the scanning equipment. The scanner then said: "All looks OK, but I'm going to have to get you to come back a little later to do some final measurements."

We sighed and dragged the kids out the door. Lil-lil in full tears by this stage and Goosey wondering where we were going now. Skip bolted off to work. I was wondering what to do next, the kids were buckled in the car when Lil-lil announced that she was going to throw up and promptly fell asleep. I took my sick little one home and called my mum to come watch them.

Lil-lil slept and slept and yakked and slept. She was fine when she woke up that morning and now seemed awfully ill. I felt guilty for being cranky with her at the ultrasound scan.

Mum finally arrived through the pelting rain and I head off to the ultrasound place again. This time the bub behaved perfectly and let the radiologist get all her measurements. I left with a spring in my step knowing bub was growing and healthy. We were even able to find what if our little bub was pink or blue. I left a little clue with some of my favourite John Lennon lyrics above.

Without further ado, our little number 3 is a.....


As I tucked the girls into bed that night, Goosey said to me: "Mum you were really brave at the doctors. It's not a boy, you know, it's a girl."

For those wondering, the above lyrics come from Beautiful Boy


  1. So, it's as simple as that. I was searching for hidden words or colour clues. I had no idea about the title!

    Very exciting for you... gxo

  2. Woot! Well done you! Boys rock. Bring on the Lego and Star Wars and Pokemon and GUNS! lots and lots of guns.

  3. Thanks Kim, it will make a nice change from Disney Princesses!

  4. Happy, happy news - and look at that wee little foot! Obviously waiting to kick a ball around the backyard! Hope Lil-Lil's on the mend, x

  5. Congratulations - again.
    The girls will love doting on their little brother - and bossing him around!!
    Hope the bug stops at Lil Lil.
    What a beautiful start to the week for you (minus the illness).

  6. Oh look at his little foot, just beautiful. Congratulations to your family on your little boy!!

  7. Thanks everyone! It's going to be a shock to this pink household to have a little boy, who will surely be bossed around and dressed up!

    Yes, PPMJ, Lil-lil is all recovered now. Thanks. x

  8. Congrats on growign a healthy little bundle. Glad to hear Lil-lil is feeling better.

    I hope noone else got sick.


    Oh I just shed a little tear. Am so happy for you - and you MUST get that ultrasound picture blown up and framed, it's truly cool.

    I always thought you would be having a boy. Wow - you won't know yourself. The first time you change his nappy you'll be all, WHAT THE F*CK?

    Heh. Boys rock - lucky he has two beautiful big sisters to keep him under control. And a beautiful mum. XOX

  10. What joy! Congratulations, so exciting!

  11. That's wonderful news, congratulations!

  12. YEE HAAAHHHHH Corinne! Such exciting beautiful news to read. I was pretty excited reading through your post and wondering if you would be so lovely as to share the secret.
    Oh how wonderful, clever girl :o)
    I do hope Lil lil is feeling better now, what a most memorable day to recall once their little brother enters the world. So happy for you xo

  13. I've been MIA on blogger lately, busy with a newborn and house renos!

    But all I can say was, I KNEW IT! Go team BLUE! I wasn't surprised at all when I found out I was having a boy. And I love the balance it's brought to our family already.

    I'd love another girl though. And another boy, haha.

    Congrats again. Time to start shopping I think ;)

  14. Woohoo! Thrilled for you mate! xxxxxxxx

  15. So very excited for you!! Boys rock! I'm sure Lil-Lil and Goosey will love having a little brother. x

  16. Woo hoo! I'm so delighted for you, Corinne. What a long day you had, with so many ups and downs. It brought back a lot of memories for me. To finish with that lovely news must have taken the edge off the day - fabulous! J x

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