Monday 6 June 2011

Food for the soul

Image by Tamara Barns.

Saturday afternoon, we stepped through the gates of a local football oval and felt like we'd stepped back in time. People were rugged up in royal blue, sitting on the hill, sipping from cans of KB. Kids were running around having the time of their life, chasing the blue clad man on the bike. The Newton Jets hit the field up against a tough opponent. "The $10 million team versus the 10 bob team," the old school announcer said.

A group of old mates sat on the damp ground of the hill scoffing sausage rolls and friands. And laughing. And laughing. Kicking a ball at half time. Cheering as the final hooter rang out and the local team, the underdogs, clinched the game.

We moved on to the pub and there was more laughter.

We moved on to the restaurant and there was even more laughter. The kind of laughter where your stomach hurts, your cheeks are tear-stained and you throw your hands up in surrender saying "No more!". The laughter kept on until the busy restaurant had cleared and the staff sat at another table watching us.

The type of laughter that you only have when a bunch of old friends get together. The type of laughter that feeds your soul.

How was your weekend?


  1. That's the best kind of laughter ever - love it.

    PS: Do they still make KB or did the ground just seriously stock up in the 70s?

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  3. What a beautiful picture you just painted for me.
    Love it.
    You can't beat old school and 'real' footy.

  4. Hi, I jumped over from The Daze of My Life blog.

    It sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Being with friends and have a few laughs.

    Great way to end a weekend!!

    I had a good weekend. Caught up on a few things to be ready for the week.

  5. PPMJ - I think the front gate of Henson Park is actually a time machine and we travelled back to the '70s. Truly.

  6. Absolutely LOVE nights like those! A group of girlfriends and I are usually the last to leave a restaurant...can relate to staff sitting at nearby table watching lol. Gets bad hwne they start putting furniture away and turning off lights! Hint hint!

  7. Sounds fabulous Corinne. Arvo's at the football take me right back to my childhood when we would all go as a family to watch my eldest brother play league. He used to play for Macquarie Uni. The scene you described bears uncanny likeness to those days. Good times.
    I love that your fun continued onto other venues, why stop when you're on a roll. Great post :o)

  8. Oh isn't that just the best?! Truly soul food. x


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