Tuesday 31 May 2011

Finally at peace

Last night, as I flicked through Twitter on my phone, I was saddened to read the words RIP Jon Blake.

As a kid, I was interested in all things First World War, especially Gallipoli. I remember when the ANZACs mini-series aired, watching it intrigued and loving it. Amongst the stars of Paul Hogan and AndrewClarke, a young good looking guy playing Pvt Flanagan, the larrikin hero, stood out. That was Jon Blake.

Just a few years later, Jon had finished filming The Lighthorsemen (another great Aussie film) and was involved in an awful car crash that left him severely brain damaged. It was a miracle that he was alive. For the next 25 years, he was cared for by his mother and then his son.  It's almost James Dean-esque – the life of a young, good looking man left in tatters, a promising career cut short. In the years that followed, an odd magazine article would be written about 'what could have been'.

The end of this tragic tale came yesterday when Jon died of pneumonia. RIP Jon Blake.


  1. Corinne - I'm so glad you wrote this post. I was tossing up writing about Jon this morning myself. You've said everything I wanted to say.

    Just like you, I had followed Jon's career, and recall reading those articles. I would think of him occasionally and wonder how he is. Wonder how his family were coping.

    RIP Jon Blake.

  2. I remember watching these shows. I remember him. RIP.

  3. Oh, Corinne. That really is a sad tale. I have those gorgeous memories of him as well. A lawyer friend of mine acted for him in his personal injuries case, which received a lot of publicity, probably the last time people heard about him. Until this. RIP indeed. J x


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