Wednesday 22 June 2011

Day trippin'

Poor little Goosey doesn't get a huge amount of one-on-one time doing fun stuff. Lil-lil got 20 months of dedicated time from mum and dad. Poor Goosey just gets visits to Coles or hanging out the washing while her sister's at preschool. Fun stuff. Skip and I recently worked out that Goose has only had her mum and dad together all to herself just the once, for a lovely picnic while her big sis went to the movies with her godmother.

On Wednesdays, my mum used to take Goose to a playgroup kindy thing, which she absolutely adored. Unfortunately it just closed down, so we're at a loose end on a Wednesday morning now. Today I decided that she deserved some fun time with mum, so we forgot about washing and cleaning and chores and headed for the train station. Filled with excitement we headed into town and watched the streets as we went in, pointing out other trains and billboards and buildings. We got off at Town Hall and Goose decided she was starving, we headed to Westfield and when she saw a pile of macarons decided that's what she must have. Pink, of course.

We then went up Sydney Tower. Thankfully I had an annual pass for the aquarium as it's costs $25 just to go up! What a rip-off, I'm sure it was just a buck or two when I was a kid. Up the top, the sun shone done across the city. Goose was bored of the view in about 1.5 minutes and was more amused by the koalas in the gift shop (thank god we didn't pay to go up). 

Unimpressed with Sydney Tower. 'There's no princess!'

She then decided she was starving again, so we stopped for lunch at the Westfield food court, which is more gourmet than your average suburban food court. We toyed with the idea of having a Charlie & Co burger, we watched them make dumplings at Din Tai Fung and we drooled over enchiladas at Guzman Y Gomez. Goose decided that we must have pies (healthy, I know). I had lasagna pie (imagine a slice of lasagna encased in pastry) which was amazing. We wandered around the shiny, black shopping shrine and then headed to the station. On the train home we discussed all the things important to an almost three year old. "Why was the person sleeping at the train station?" "Why does this train go fast and then go slow again?" "Why is that man reading a book?"
Lasagna pie. As good as it sounds.

Cuddles on the train home.

Home again, tired but happy. It's so nice to just spend time doing something fun, I really have to make the time to do it more often.


  1. Sounds like a lovely little outing with your lady. Harps and I have been hanging together today too and we've had the BEST time. Love that gal!

  2. I SO have to do more stuff with my kids. As my blog just attested, Life is way too short! The cleaning and chores can definitely wait. Gotta love the attention span of little ones...and the deep and meaningful questions :) can just hear my boys asking those same things!

  3. I love that we do it for 'them' and end up having a pretty lovely time ourselves.

  4. What a lovely day!

    I already feel guilty that Edward might miss out on 1on1 time but so far we have made an effort for Abi and Edward to both have 1on1 time with both me and James.

    I think it's super important for each child to have that special time with their parents. I am one of 4 kids and NEVER had any 1on1 time with my parents. EVER!

    Your gorgeous girl and my almost 3 yr old sound like twins.


  5. Oh this sounds perfecto Corinne! I LOVE those kind of days. I know what you mean about number 2 missing out on the lone time with Mum & Dad. I very much enjoy Felix and my time while Angus is at preschool... I am going to miss it incredibly when I return to work next month :o(
    Your photos are gorgeous, your little Goosey couldn't get any more beautiful, she is a doll. The pic of the two of you is an absolute keeper :o)
    How funny you ate in that food court. I have just finished watching tonight's episode of MasterChef and their challenge was held in that very food court. Hah!
    Hopefully you can squeeze a couple more outings like this one in before bubs arrives xo

  6. One on one time is great with you children.
    I bet she enjoyed it immensely.


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