Tuesday 21 June 2011

A bumpy ride

Third time lucky, third time's a charm. Doesn't seem to be the case with this pregnancy. I'm finding this pregnancy to be quite hard. Ever since the very beginning it's been, well, a bit of a chore.

This has come as a big surprise as I'm usually the person who revels in being pregnant. With the two girls, I really adored being pregnant and being big and all that came with it. I not only breezed through it, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Once the baby arrived, I almost mourned not being pregnant.

This time I've been sick, I've been sore, I've been exhausted. It's like the body is getting old. If truth be told, the body is getting old and I guess being pregnant twice before has taken its toll.

I'm only just over the halfway mark and I'm dragging myself around like a wounded whale. I haven't even got close to the pointy end of the pregnancy yet. I'm afraid of the next 16 or so weeks!

At the park over the weekend, a friend who had her fourth bub just a few weeks ago said to me: "I wouldn't be you for all the money in the world. Being up all night is better than dragging a pregnant body around." I kind of get what she means.

I find if I have a late night, the next morning I feel like I've been out drinking vodka all night. And just the average day brings joints that are achy, flaring heartburn and generally feeling like I'm 100 years old.

I'm missing waltzing around feeling fabulously pregnant. I think being pregnant is a young woman's game. Or maybe it's just nature's way of saying "Enough babies for you!"

Did you love being pregnant or was the experience a hard one?


  1. Maybe it is our, ahem, age.
    Quite a few girlfriends have recently revelled in the newborn fog - mainly because they're no longer bloody pregnant!
    I remember the achy, breaky back, the discomfort and general whale impersonations - but the first time I think it's all part of that beautiful mystery - and there's no other children to suck your non existent tank dry.

    That said, my heavily pregnant SIL and I met a woman at the park recently who was envious of my SIL and her huge belly, aches & pains on number 3. This woman said she couldn't wait to finish breastfeeding her own number 3 to jump back in for number 4!!

    Hang in there.
    You're doing great.

  2. Poor thing! I often wondered what mother nature was on when she decided pregnancy and labour were a good idea for women to endure... Hopefully you get some small chance at the end of the day to put your feet up (dont need high BP!) or relax in a bubble bath...

    In any case, take heart from this: You are braver than I, still scared to go back for Number 2!

  3. I'm sorry that you are not feeling very well.

    I'm not someone who glows during pregnancy. I don't remember feeling sore and uncomfortable but I have all day sickness all the way through. That may explain why we only have 2 and almost 5 years apart.

  4. Oh Corinne, my heart aches for you reading this post. You have so eloquently described my feelings about pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, there are moments that are lovely and I kind of long for those 'tiny' moments at times. But on the whole, it's a big fat struggle... pun intended.
    I struggled badly from about week 28 with both my boys, I just got so big. My obstetrician told me 2nd time around, that with each subsequent pregnancy, your body battles harder to keep up. Great! I would love another baby one day, but the thought of the pregnancy scares the daylights out of me.
    Take care hun, only a couple of months to go :o) xo

  5. I hated most moments of my first pregnancy, from crying in fitting rooms over my burgeoning belly to feeling desperately ill and laying on the sofa as if on my death bed.
    Then I gave birth to the most easy going relaxed child you could imagine.
    2nd time, I was in my glory, felt amazing and enjoyed every second of my 9 months.
    Then I gave birth to the crankiest, most challenging child who, after 8 years STILL does not always sleep through the night.
    That is why there are only 2 in this household.
    But think of it this way, tough pregnancy = docile baby...might be worth it.

    Hang in there love!

  6. Maybe it is a boy letting you know what you will be in for or a another girl who has her own way of doing things.

    Just a little while longer. It will be okay.

  7. I was a bit like that with my 3rd pregnancy after my first two great-feeling ones! I didn't even have morning sickness. With the 3rd I just caiught lots of bugs, had severe heartburn etc...wasn't pleasant...but of course all worth it in the end :) Hang in there!


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