Thursday 16 June 2011

Missing mad

Boardwalk Empire

Mad Men

I watch telly most nights, but I don't really watch anything, if you know what I mean. Last night, we watched the last episode of Boardwalk Empire, which is the only show I've been watching religiously. Usually I just catch a glimpse of whatever is on in between reading or falling asleep on the couch.

As the credits to Boardwalk Empire began to roll I realised that I missed having a show to hang out for each week. Last year, it was Mad Men. I'm completely and utterly in love with that show, now it seems it won't be on in Australia until next year.

I need to a good drama to watch every week. I'm not one for getting a whole series on DVD or downloading it and watching it in one go. I like doing it the old fashioned way – getting to the end of an episode, seeing the ad for next time and looking forward to it all week.

I can't stand shows like Masterchef (I know, I know I'm probably alone here) or any of the talent shows. I just like watching a good drama I can get swept up in.

What do you like watching?


  1. Can you believe that I have only JUST started to watch Mad Men? I devoured season one in the past few weeks and am desperate to get my hands on 2 & 3 AND 4! Can't wait!

  2. I seriously thought I was the only person in the universe that did not watch Masterchef (or the like). Mad Men is one of my all time favourite shows & I am eagerly awaiting Series 4. Hate that it takes us so bloody long to screen things that have long finished in the US or UK! Must look into Boardwalk Empire, as I missed that boat.

  3. True Blood is about to start again which is awesome. Im only into True Blood and Twilight, no other vamp or psy shows and movies.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm's new season is starting in Aug/Sept which is awesome news. Larry David is a comical genius. Have you ever watched it?

    I also like The Office, United States of Tara, Mad Men, The Wire, Dexter, Breaking Bad.

    I do miss Mad Men. Bring back Don Draper...

  4. Yep, with you there Corinne... MASSIVE fan of Mad Men (I think I have told you that before, can't remember!) We have Boardwalk Empire recorded, but never get a chance to watch it. One day, for sure.
    If you like quirky comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm & Arrested Development are brilliant!
    Serious drama, then Sons of Anarchy, Dexter and Breaking Bad absolutely rock.
    Cheeky comedy, then Hung is definitely a goer. Don't be put off by the brief... once you start watching, it's really addictive :o)
    Homegrown gems are Tangle and Rake... really worth watching.
    I promise I don't watch THAT much Tv, just good quality shows.

  5. OMG you must..MUST watch Downton Abbey. So fabulous!

    Loved Bros & Sisters, but now it's gone.... *sob*

    I watch Grey's Anatomy, but I'm a bit, 'Meh' about it at the mo.

    I have not watched Mad Men. I know, I know...I will!!!

  6. Was just coming back to recommend Downton Abbey to you also but I see someone has beat me to it!! I am not a fan of period dramas, usually, but Downton Abbey really is very good! They are working on Series 2 now.

  7. You have company in the unusual "I-dont-watch-Masterchef-XFactor-TV" - neither are my cup of tea and have a blog in draft form on exactly that!

    Whilst I havent watched Mad Men (though I must as I keep hearing good things!) my poison is the US version of The Office. Having been a huge fan of the UK one, it took me years to get to watch the US one, and now I am addicted! I'm old school too though, would never download it to view (not the same!). And for other silly laughs I love The Big Bang Theory.

    Happy TV viewing xx


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