Thursday 23 June 2011

Home sweet what?

Life is pretty sweet at the moment. I have a great husband, who loves me and the kids and whom I adore. I have two wonderful daughters who really are the best. I have a son growing healthily inside me. I'm doing some freelance work which I'm really enjoying and finding rewarding. I have a bunch of really good friends. You know I really don't have anything to bitch about.

The only thing weighing me down is this bloody house. And even that swings. We put our beloved home on the market almost two months ago. We were full of confidence. Our agent was full of confidence. And then.... nothing. From the time we planned on selling until the time the sign went up the market quiet.

I haven't been overwhelmed with disappointment as I thought I might. We didn't have to sell. It is a mixture of feelings though. Why doesn't someone want our house? Our agent assures us it's not the house. Our friends and neighbours keep saying 'I can't believe you can't sell.' Then there's the two months of open houses, with two young kids. I'll say no more on that subject.

The whole thing is frustrating as I just want to know what we're going to do. Where we're going to live.
I mean it's not the end of the world. We still own a nice house in great part of Sydney, so it's not like we're in a bad situation. In reality, we'd love to stay where we are, but a family of five in a two bedroom semi? It's just not going to work, well not for long anyway.

So, what to do now? These are the decisions we're going to have to make in the coming weeks. As babies are born and kids go off to school. The old 'burbs versus inner-suburban life rears it's head again. All the decisions you thought you'd made go out the window. I think my main problem is the pregnancy nesting feelings start bubbling to the surface. Just wanting to be settled when the new bub is born, which doesn't make for great decision making. Biology is strong, no matter how you try and rationalise it.

At least there is blogging to let me vent and keep me sane.


  1. Nothing wrong with feeling the need to be stable. Right now you are in between stage of your old nest and new nest.You have a small family.

    Vent. Release. It's all good.

  2. Our house is the perfect size for us, not too big and not too small.
    Besides that I love it. It is in the same neighborhood I grew up could I not?
    However, I am ready to put it up on the market and get the hell out of this rat race of a life we are trapped in.
    Last night I asked hubby if we could sell it and just move to the Italian countrysideto live simply and peacefully.
    He just laughs at me.

    Hang in there ~ what is meant to be will be!

  3. Corinne, this post is so apt for me today. I had an experience at an open house, I randomly decided to pop into. I think I might post about it actually, because it was just so ridiculous of me to be even looking through a house for sale, let alone trying to rationalise why we NEEDED it and NEEDED to sell our current place.
    I feel we're bursting at the seams here too, so I know how you feel. The boys share a very small room and our room is small too. I do love our area though. It's a very strong tie that's keeping us firmly planted.
    Your feelings are completely understandable with bubs coming along soon too. I guess you've just got to think that you will manage in the meantime. No matter what, the right buyer and the right property to buy will come eventually xo

  4. I can imagine the desire to nest and be settled is strong! All I can think to say is it must be happening for a reason, maybe you are meant to stay, or perhaps the right person for your place (most importantly, with the right price!) will come along just at the right time xx


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