Saturday 4 June 2011

Grateful for... unexpected open houses

Yesterday morning I looked around the bombsite that was my house and thought: "Meh, I'll tidy up later. There's no open house this weekend, so we'll fit it in some time."

About an hour later, I was at Lil-lil's ballet lesson, chatting away to my friend when the phone rang. It was the real estate agent. He had someone who wanted to see the house. That afternoon. Eeek!

I dashed home and did my best impression of Paula Duncan in the Spray'n'Wipe ad and the house was spick and span in no time. Well not no time, but in time for the agent at least.

This morning, I woke to a tidy (ish) home. So despite cursing the agent while I was cleaning, it's nice to start out the weekend with a clean home. Now I can focus on other things like going to see the Newtown Jets play, maybe squeeze in a shopping trip (my normal clothes are starting to get a little stretched) and just hang out. Oh, there will be laughter, lots of laughter.

What are you up to this weekend?

Join in with Maxabella Loves... Grateful Saturday.


  1. Lemons, lemonade. I like it.

    Have a great one and fingers crossed on the open just never know!

  2. Lol - I do the ole Paula D impersonation quite frequently.

    Here from Weekend Grateful...

  3. Paula D's house is so trashy! What the hell does she get up to? hahaha

    I wish we could swap places and I could start my weekend with a clean house. I keep walking past the dry washing that needs folding. Maybe the fairies will do it...


  4. Nothing like a visitor to get those cleaning juices flowing!!! A pain at the time but deliciously lovely to wake up to a clean and tidy house :-)

    Visiting via Maxabella and I'm a new follower :-)

  5. Oh, I remember those open house/spur of the moment visits...with 2 toddlers in the house at the time, it was great fun! lol

  6. The agent pulled one like that on me while we were trying to sell our unit. She called me at work saying that she was taking someone through while we were still at work. I freaked out! I had literally ran out the door at 6am that morning, NOTHING had been tidied. I was not impressed!
    Glad you were able to reap the benefit of your sprint clean :o) xo

  7. Got a call from Mr Fyer
    He's bringing round a buyer


  8. Spray and Wipes a breeze, 'cos it cuts through thickest greeze... what a shame it SMELLS like it cuts through grease as well. I can't stand the pungent stench...

    I must say, well done to you! Now, if karma was real, the unexpected house inspectors will be the ones to buy your home! x


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