Friday 3 June 2011


Over the past week, something has washed over me. A sense of peace. A feeling of calm. Contentment.

Which is odd, because in a lot of ways I should be stressed. The kids have been sick; washing has been piling up like Mount Everest; we have no idea where, when or even if we're moving; in a few short months we'll have a newborn that'll need round-the-clock attention. These are all things that would normally have me a quivering, stressed-out mess, yet I'm not.

I think I've realised that, come what may, this is my life. I have a husband who I love to the stars and back, someone who I can laugh until I cry with, vent to, cuddle with. I have two (generally) healthy girls who make my heart burst with pride. I'm doing some things for me which make me worthwhile and fulfilled. I have good friends and family who make me smile. All the rest is just stuff. Stuff that will come and go, or in the case of the washing will always be there.

Most of all, I'm happy in my skin. Just to be me. Not looking over my shoulder or ahead at what others are doing.

This lot in life is pretty damn good. Contentment.


  1. Well done Corinne, so often we're so busy looking forwards or backwards that we just don't see the bliss that's right here, right now. x {PS: there's a bit of a Jesus Jones song for you x}

  2. I hear you! Isn't it a beautiful place to be?

    Some days I forget this, and focus on all the negatives. Everything goes wrong and I feel rotten.

    Then I remember how blessed I am. I have everything I ever dreamed of (minus the "stuff").

  3. so very true...sometimes we forget to appreciate what we have :)

  4. Beautifully said Corinne. And so true! It's nice when you reach that place. Enjoy it for all it's worth :o) xo


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