Tuesday 7 June 2011

The winter of my discontent

I'm not a winter person. Dragging myself from under the doona on a cold morning. Not my thing. Getting up to my children on a cold winter's night. Not my thing. The sun setting by 5pm. Not my thing. Dry, flaky skin. Not my thing. Cold fingers and toes. Not my thing. Winter. Not my thing.

During the summer months, I fool myself into believing I'm a winter person. I dream of casseroles and nights tucked up on the lounge next to the heater. I dream about boots, coats and layers. I dream about frosty mornings and bowls of hot porridge and brown sugar. The thing is the moment the mercury dips below 20 (68 F, for my American friends), I'm not happy. I start to remember that I hate putting on layers and layers of clothes. I remember that I hate wearing boots. I remember that I hate the way my nose runs when a cold wind whips up. I remember that I like being warm.

In fact, I love balmy evenings and frosty drinks. I love a warm summer breeze. I love throwing on a sun dress and a pair of sandals and running out the door. I love cooling off under a sprinkler. I love late summer nights where the sun stays up until 8pm. I even like humidity.

So, while my toes are thawing next to the heater, I'm dreaming of crisp salads and plates of cold seafood. Frosty glasses of semillon. Long, lazy days. Early mornings at the beach before the heat of the midday sun. Washing drying before 10am. Sweet smelling flowers.

I guess I'm lucky I live somewhere where the winters are short and the summers warm and long. Where the colder months are mild, just a few weeks where there's a blip on the forecast. Where even on a cold winter's day the sun shines and the sky is blue.

Bring on summer, I say!


  1. Hear, hear, hear!!!
    To all of the above.
    Last week we had some rain, this week the mornings are cold and we can't go to the park after dinner.
    I think that is plenty Winter for me, thank you very much.
    I too hate these boots and this annoying big necked jumper.
    Bring. On. The. Heat.

  2. AHHHH!
    68 degrees is winter there????
    It was 68 degrees here yesterday and it's summertime!!!!
    In the winter we go from a low of maybe 18 degrees (like Antarctica!) to nearly 100 today and tomorrow.
    AND it gets super humid here which is unbearable.
    Hubs convinced me to put the air conditioning on last weekend and now it will be going until mid September.
    I think moving Down Under is sounding better and better...and I will agree with you, as I grow older summer is becoming my favorite.
    But I do love to bundle up, throw myself down in a deep snow and make gorgeous snow angels!


  3. Perhaps you should pack a bag and head to Hawaii for a couple of months. I'm free from Friday if you're keen for some company... gxo

  4. yes, I think I prefer the heat as well...although once it hits certain temperatures, I'll be wishing for cooler weather! Never happy lol...

  5. Ditto Corinne! In fact I just posted this evening about my dislike of the cold. You have put it far more eloquently and pretty much summed up everything I also feel about Winter vs Summer... even down to the kidding myself that Winter is a good thing, while in the depths of Summer! Huh! How silly can I be ;o)

  6. Totally agreeand could not have said it better.

  7. One of your American followers, I will try to send some 99 degree temps your way. I will even kick in some humidity.

    Apparently, we have days galore of a heat wave brewing so I want to share.

    Let me know when you receive it. haha


  8. you know, I'm actually starting to come to the thought that I too am becoming a Summer person! I may however need reminding of this when its stinking hot and i'm melting away, but the cold this year is not making me happy either.

    Although, I do love a good casserole and a snuggle under the doona ;)


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