Friday, 1 April 2011

Six years

Tomorrow will be our sixth wedding anniversary. It's been an incredible six years  – ups, downs, life. Kids, houses, holidays, work. Moments to cherish and moments to forget. After six years, we're still standing.

Tomorrow we'll be at the Golden Slipper, so tonight we're staying in a city hotel to celebrate. We were going out to dinner, but a hiccup with the booking led me to making other surprise plans (don't worry Skip is up to his armpits in work and won't read this until much later). As we're staying close to a lovely harbourside park and because we're both pretty exhausted at the moment, I thought we'd make the most of daylight savings and have a picnic dinner. To prepare there will be a trip this morning to a good deli, Victoire, Annandale Cellars and Zumbo to collect all the goodies. If it rains, then we can picnic in our hotel room. If we fall asleep at 8pm, we fall asleep at 8pm. Best of all, there won't be any small people to wake us during the night or at 5am.

Read about our wedding here. The picture above reminds me of the song that Skip listened to while driving to our wedding – Gamble Everything for Love, Ben Lee.

Skip, I still feel privileged to be your wife and still love you 100%. I can't wait for another six years of adventures together. xxxoooxxx


  1. Beautiful post. Have a wonderful anniversary xx

  2. That is such a beautiful plan! Have a great anniversary xx

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    I hope your romantic picnic goes well. Zumbo = bliss!

    Enjoy xx

  4. Happy anniversary!

    Sounds like you have a lovely night planned, enjoy the races tomorrow xx

  5. Congrats! Hope you enjoy your day and night together - we have great tastes don't we married a week apart? Enjoy xx

  6. Ah, all sounds gorgeous! Enjoy and Happy Anniversary. x

  7. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you have planned a very romantic night. A lovely picnic by the moonlight :)

  8. I love that pic. Congrats to you. Enjoy!

  9. Oh this is beautiful Corinne. Happy Anniversary and I hope you had a wonderful night. Sat night was fine, so I hope you got to do that picnic... sounds utterly romantic :o)
    Also hope you enjoyed the Slipper... and frocking up!


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