Monday 11 April 2011

All talk

I won't bore you with what I've been up to. Let's just say it's involved boxes and being up to my armpits in sugar soap. Dull, dull, dull.

The kids have been in full swing, though. Here are their thoughts from the past few days....

Lil-lil was asking about her godparents, who they are and what they did, she then pondered for a minute and announced: "I think Goosey must be my Toy Story sister."

Goosey told me last week as I tucked her into bed: "Mum, you're my servant, you know." (About the truest thing she's ever said).

When told she was going to have a little brother or sister, Lil-lil said: "Quick Mum, let's go to the hospital and get it out now."

In the car yesterday, Goosey said to me: "Mum, I love you, but sometimes you're cranky." (Again, another very true statement.)

Before preschool last week, Lil-lil said to me: "Mum, you look ridiculous in those jeans and top. Ridiculous!"
Me: "Why, what's wrong with it? What should I wear to take you to preschool?"
Lil-lil: "You should wear something beautiful, like a wedding dress."

So, best be off to dust off the wedding gown. Don't want to embarrass the four-year-old.


  1. Kids are gold hey! I got the ëmbarrassing me speech today because I wanted Harry to put on sunscreen at tennis camp. I was fully clothed....

  2. Its "Wedding" day at preschool tomorrow, they do a fun relaxed schedule during the school holidays with themes etc. I am just sad that my wedding dress is at my parents house in South Africa and that I am 10 kgs heavier than I was when I got married otherwise I would totally wear it for drop off tomorrow!!

  3. Your girls sound devine, they are so sweet.

    I love all the things coming out of Abi's mouth at the moment. Toddlers are the best. I have a little book and write down some of the things she says... I'll cherish that book when she is 15 and giving me an earful... Eeek!

  4. Ha! I don't think I'd get into my wedding dress no matter how hard I tried. What a lovely thing to say!

  5. I had to drop Ryan off at her girlfriends "dance party" birthday on Saturday and they had Keisha playing, strobe lights flashing, and I said "you going to go dance?" and ever so slightly moved my body in a rhythmic motion....and got promptly pushed to the door.
    Sometimes they don't even have to say a thing.

  6. These are all gold... pure GOLD! I enjoyed reading them and they made me smile.
    I was only thinking last week that I should be writing down more of the things Angus says to me, because sometimes they are just totally hilarious.
    Aren't they funny about what we wear?? Angus is quite discerning with his taste for my clothing. Some things he's adamant I should not be wearing, then out of the blue I'll wear something that makes him say "I love that dress mama!" Gotta take the good with the bad I guess ;o)


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