Tuesday 19 April 2011

Holiday, it would be so nice

It's Tuesday! Hurrah! I've been waiting for this day for weeks. The day when getting this god foresaken house ready for open inspections is finished. The day when we can pack our bags and forget about lists and chores. The day when tired, sick, cranky, shouty mama gets left behind and happy, relaxed, chilled out mama gets discovered.

Before we get on that flight tonight, I have a list as long as my arm to get finished. I may need to put the kids in straight jackets in the mean time. Their fighting has been out of this world the past day or so, they both have war wounds to prove it. I'm hoping some time away will calm everyone down.

The past few weeks, it's felt like the universe has thrown everything at me to make this time even harder. Agonising back pain, ear infections, gastro. Here we are on the other side. The house isn't as perfect as I'd hoped and there are plenty of things I wished I'd managed to get done, but I've done my best.

Now it's time to forget about the house and time for a week of thinking about beach, pool, sleeping, eating out, Easter eggs, reading books, playing, having fun. Bring it on.

Have a happy Easter all. Have a safe and happy extra long holiday weekend. Eat plenty of Easter eggs and Anzac bikkies. I'm sure I'll post while I'm away. x

PS - Check out Kristin's blog for her adventure with me and Goosey at my dad's place.


  1. Safe travels, Happy Easter, and it warms my heart when I get to see pictures of you! And Goosey!
    Goosey and Ryan look like they could be sisters!


  2. YAY!

    Have a lovely holiday. Enjoy every moment and soak in that sunshine, I don't think Sydney will see much sun until Spring!


  3. oh love... have a great great time!! I hope you all find a little bit of peace, quiet and fun while away on the coast! And I hope your body responds and laps up the rest...rejuvenating your tired mind, body and soul! xxx

  4. Enjoy your trip, be safe and happy.

    LOVED Wanderlust's post about your day out. Beautiful day. x

  5. Oh Enjoy! Have a great relaxing time, you have earnt it!! xx

  6. How utterly perfect, hope the sun shines and the sweet memories just keep-a-coming on your holiday! :o) Enjoy!


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