Thursday 14 April 2011


More than a few years ago, I went to what I decided would be my last music festival. The pushing and shoving, the exhaustingly long day, the teenyboppers, running from one stage to the next, I just felt a little old and over it.

My mind had remained steadfastly made up until yesterday morning when the line up for Splendour in the Grass 2011 was released. Pulp. I love Pulp, one of my all-time favourite bands and I've never seen them live as I've always been away when they've toured. I thought my chance to see them had long passed.

Also on the line up  – Jane's Addiction, Coldplay (who I don't love, but I've heard good things about them live), Gomez and many more. When I told Skip, he was: "I'm there!"

For a brief moment, I forgot about the fact that I'll be heavily pregnant and that my back is stuffed and that I'm, well let's face it, old. I imagined how fun it would be. What a good experience it would be.

Then I snapped back to reality. I just hope Jarvis and the gang do a side show in Sydney.


  1. I saw Pulp in Japan a few years ago, Jarvis Cocker was brilliant!

    Coldplay are brilliant live, I've seen them a few times as well.

    I think the lineup is great but there has been a huge backlash that it's not rock n roll enough and moving towards pop and electronica. Ergh, rockers can be so picky!!

    I would love to go, but the price tag is what's rattled me! For ticket + camping, it's $500!!! Dang, where do these kids today get their money??!!

    PS: I would NEVER camp, I have no idea how people last 3 days without a shower...

  2. Really? I would consider myself a rocker but I think the line up is great. People are funny and never pleased.

    It is a lot of dosh but if you were to see Coldplay or Kanye alone it would $150+ a ticket. We considered paying that to go to the Blues Festival this year (which I'm sure will be outstanding).

    I'm a stinky camper. Have camped at Splendour before and it's pretty civilised and a great atmosphere. Though I have been known to camp for a few weeks without a shower (have swum though).

  3. Aah Corinne, you really got me thinking last night on Twitter! I am a die hard festival junkie, or at least I was in my youth. Going to Glastonbury when I lived in the UK was the realisation of a dream. At Uni in South Africa I was a band photographer so went round the country to all the festivals and hung out backstage with the bands. In a way I am hoping the tickets sell out before I make up my mind to go.... you are never too old to rock it out!

  4. We could start a mummy tent!!

    Apparently there's a creche and babysitters on site but then we baulked at the price. Kids are free, thankfully. So I've been pondering going by myself but I think I'll hold off on such rash decisions until the sideshows are announced. They'd surely have to play closer to home (surely?!)

  5. Ok.
    So besides the fact that I will be dashing right down under for this hullabaloo....
    I saw Pulp in the 90's in NYC on the This Is Hardcore tour. I still get a far away look in my eyes as I reminisce about Jarvis languidly draped over the microphone stand....
    ANYWAY, (whew, did it just get awful hot in here???) I don't see why you wouldn't go, don't you remember Gwyneth holding Apple with her little headphones on?
    That being said, I know what you mean about the kids/youngsters at these things.
    At a Violent Femmes show a few years back I snapped at some obnoxious crowd surfing kid that the last time I had seen the band live he was still being breast fed.
    That's right.
    I'm old school. ;)


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