Thursday 31 March 2011

Real estate vs Goosey's bum

At the moment, my life is a swirl of real estate agents. I have to tell you that real estate agents make me antsy. I feel like they're never quite telling me the truth, that they have a secret agenda. One agent comes through and I feel like I'm in the midst of a decorating show. "We'll move this here and that there. We'll put a big vase of lilies up there." Another comes through and it's all about how they going to squeeze every last cent out of a buyer with tricks and techniques.

I hate the feeling of these people traipsing through my house, the place Skip and the kids have lived the longest, judging and assessing it. Tallying up our lives in the real estate formula. At the same time, I feel dread that we won't sell. That no-one will like our house like we do and then we'll be stuck here. (I know that last sentence doesn't make sense...)

Then there's the buying part. Finding something that ticks all the boxes, that we love, that won't put us in financial stress for the next 30 or so years. So much fun.

Goosey has a funny relationship with these agents. She hears a knock at the door, runs to greet them and promptly takes all her clothes off. I guess it's better than me taking my clothes off. The thing is she then dances in front of them, caresses their legs as they try and talk to me and, in one truly embarrassing situation, rubs her bum on their designer duds. Yes, you read that right. The young agent who received the bum rub assured me it was fine, "She's just playing," but she had a look on her face that said,"Ewww will 2-year-old bum juice come off my Charlie Brown dress?"

Thankfully, Goosey will not be attending any of the open houses. One of the agents thought we may be able to put Goosey's bed in storage to make the room look neater. I suggested: "Perhaps we can also put Goosey in storage for the campaign too?" The agent gave a look that thought this may be a good idea.

What are the chances that someone will knock on our door and offer us a million bucks for the place? So we don't have to go through this real estate hell. Anyone? Anyone?


  1. Oh Goosey, you crack me up! Luckily for me, the Boy slept through our visit from the real estate yesterday. I'm glad we're only renting our property out, the thought of selling up sounds like a headache to the power of 999!

  2. Good luck with it all! It would make me antsy too, but hopefully it's relatively painless. Hope Goosey's antics haven't put any prospective agents off, hahah. xx

  3. I never liked random agents showing me houses. We went to SO many open homes that I became immune to their sales bullshit.

    Good luck with the open homes, they are hard! Hope the process is over quickly!!


  4. ahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    we are trying to sell too grrrrr

    good luck!

  5. Sounds like hell. It's the keeping-it-neat-all-the-time-with-sprogs that would drive me bonkers.

    Good luck!

  6. Oh dear, I am laughing so hard at what Goosey did, hah! What a character :o) And good on her might I add, I'm in total agreement with you, real estate agents give me the erks.
    We sold our place about 18months ago, we had already set the wheels in motion to buy our current place, so it was dire that we sell our place in a very short window of time.
    It was stressful, painful, tiring and I also hated people wandering through our 'home' and the agent coming back to us with their petty little complaints. It is really hard not to take it all so personally. But try not to if you can. Someone will fall in love with it and before you know it, you'll be moving.
    The real estate agent we used, changed just about everything in our place for the inspections/ad campaign... to the extent that she even brought in her own paintings for the wall... because "they would entice the right kind of buyers"... Oh Pl-eeeease! (but we did get a decent price in the end, so maybe it did help).
    Good luck Corinne :o)

  7. Oh! That's quite an impression she's making! Eek!

    I don't like real estate that much either, nor car salesman. I just instantly get my guard up and wonder what it is that they're not telling me.

    I hope you have it easy. x

  8. Hi, I'm River from Drifting Through Life.
    In the past, we've sold two houses and have never had an agent discuss decor and rearranging furniture. All they requested was clean. Eventually one suggested that we paint the walls a neutral colour and after we did, we discovered that the peopel who bought the house had made their offer while the walls were still blue!


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