Saturday 30 April 2011

Oh, what a night!

I enjoyed every minute of the wedding. The pomp, the ceremony, the guests and, of course, the gorgeous couple. They looked truly happy. And that dress, my word, that dress. I didn't expect to be wowed by Kate or the dress, but I was, she looked simply divine.

It was so nice just to watch a couple of hours of happiness and smiles. We've been bombarded with such sad and tragic images this year, that a day of happiness was just the tonic. Sure it was over the top and extravagant, has nothing to do with my life or the state of the world, but who cares? Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the bleak and just be swept up in a real-life fairytale. Isn't that what the royal family is for after all?


  1. The whole event was just incredible. I agree 100%, she looked breathtaking in that gown. What a beauty! Love the pic you've chosen for your post :o)
    My fave royal wedding so far!

  2. Divine! Except I fell asleep before the balcony pash x

  3. Pash Mrs Woog? I must have missed that! It was a couple of teeny pecks that I saw. I fell a bit in love last night. She was radiant and the dress was divine (although I had a bit of an issue with the over-pert breasts - might have just been jealousy!). Look at Harry and Pippa in that photo - the beginning of something?????

  4. I loved it so much I am having Royal Wedding withdrawals! Having not expected to get so swept up in all the pomp & ceremony I suddenly found myself glued to the TV and brushing away the odd tear :)

    A most beautiful day, and as you say, such a nice change from all the sadness of these days x

  5. Isn't that dress just gorgeous? Such a shame royal wedding dresses don't become heirlooms and handed down from mother to daughter. That one deserves to be worn again.

    I didn't watch the whole thing, just tuned in now and again until I'd seen the dress.


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