Wednesday 6 April 2011

Get out of my dreams and into my car

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love nothing better than singing at the top of my lungs while driving the car. A bit of car crooning makes me smile, quite a lot. I've got a captive audience (literally) strapped into the back and most of the time they like it too. Skip has been known to turn up the radio when I start to sing to drown out my voice, nice.

It's the time I can forget I'm a daggy mum and become a rock star all while I ferry them to preschool, swimming lessons and grocery shopping. Sure I get some strange looks at traffic lights, but nothing like the looks Lady Gaga gets just walking down the street.

There are some songs that just sound better when you're driving. The girls love hearing Foo Fighters, Elton John, the Beatles and an occasional show tune (hey, I never said I was cool). The radio is generally tuned into Classic Hits so we sing all the words with gusto, the girls chanting "I want rock'n'roll!"

We've had a Cure CD in the car recently and now Lil-lil requests the 'wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty' song and Goosey wants 'Boys Don't Cry' on repeat. They are Cure addicts.

It's funny how certain songs can suit different situations. When I've had a few more drinks than I should have, it's essential that Pulp is put on and put on loud. Skip has been known to put on 'Common People' just to see me get revved up. The best thing about Pulp is you can also act out the story of the lyrics (which is why it's best done after a few sherberts).

If I'm getting ready to go out (which is virtually never these days) Supergrass is the best way to get in the party mood. Winding down at the end of the night? Radiohead, Coldplay or the Beach Boys.

Since kids, the only time I seem to listen to music is in the car, so here is where my rock star dreams remain. Oh and our local on Kareoke Saturday night....

DO you have certain songs you associate with certain situations?


  1. I'd forgotten about Pulp! Disco 2000 reminds me of my last year of school...

  2. Fleetwood Mac is for Saturday mornings and or rainy afternoons. And or driving through Ireland in the spring.

  3. You know what I'm like with Pulp ;). Watching me act out Disco 2000 and Common People way back in 1997 is probably what got T interested in the first place. Well, not really, but I'm surprised he didn't run a mile after seeing my Jarvis dance down in dingy Club 77.

    And 95.3! Classic Rock FM! OMG! I felt a little guilty to admit that I listen to it. Actually, scratch listen to it. Replace with "wail along like a screeching banshee at top volume to it". People in traffic think I'm a loon. P sometimes chimes in with "No like it, mummy!" but then he also sings along to Acca Dacca and Kiss, so he kinda likes it too. I love it during the day, makes the mundane and the traffic so much more bearable when I'm belting out "You can go your own waaaayyyyyyy" at the top of my lungs. And it's made me embrace songs that I was once too much of an indie snob to listen to.

  4. You know I love me some Pulp!
    That Jarvis....not only does his storytelling make my knees weak, but the way he languidly drapes over microphone stands and croons to my inner nympho....
    Did I just think that out loud????

    Liam is so into music now and he has completely inherited his mother's love for all things alternative, punk and indie.
    It is fun to talk music with him and actually see him impressed that his mother has autographs from The Ramones and such.
    At his age, he is not easily impressed by mom!

    P.S. I am a total car singer!

  5. Oh I most certainly associate certain songs/bands/singers with different occasions AND I am a self confessed addict of belting out a tune in the car. Angus loves it... but sometimes does tell me to "stop singing Mama" because he wants to hear the song, Oops!
    I am with you on Pulp though. Disco 2000 AND Common People have to be the coolest, most uplifting songs ever. Such clever lyrics.
    Rock on groovy Mama :o)


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