Friday 15 April 2011

Winner grins

This week has been far from my finest. Three infected ears, middle of the night vomits, tantrums, fights, bad backs, little sleep, stressing over real estate, packing boxes and oh so much cleaning.

It's not a week I'm keen to revisit any time soon. Despite the crappiness there have been some moments to make me grin. I'd love to share them with you:

* Lil-lil with her head back, eyes closed singing The Lovecats word for word and loving every minute. 'you know in spring it's a treacherous thing'

*Goosey telling me about 'along time ago when I was a boy and liked Spiderman'

* Getting words of support from half
a world away. The lovely Eleanor from Shopping the Closet always brightens my day with comments, emails or tweets. Plus she's sending me chocolate. Stop it!

* The truly fabulous Eden from Edenland who's going to help me with a Chickadee photo shoot to one up my bro.

* Knowing that this time next week I'm going to be in one of my favourite places and eating at my favourite restaurant.

* Easter. I love Easter.

* Only four more sleeps until we're on holidays.

* Soon being in a new home. With space and peace and a driveway. Maybe even a pool (no dolphins in the pool though at Goosey's request).

Now, what was I whinging about again?!


  1. Ahhh a wonderful post to seal the week! You've had a shocker, but I think it's awesome that you can take all those great moments out of it all and run with them. Hope you have a super relaxing break :o)
    P.S. oh I LOVE Easter also... LOVE... IT!

  2. LOVED the Spiderman comment! And I love reading happy lists, especially from people I care about and who deserve lots of happiness. Can't wait until you're in your new home either. x

  3. It is enlightening to the spirit to find happiness amid the crappiness.
    Hope next week and Easter brings you nice surprises.

  4. The new home will indeed have a guest room for me when I visit right????
    Here's to the holiday countdown!

  5. It IS a treacherous thing! Oh I want Rocco to learn those words. That's bloody brilliant.

    And, I need your address .. I have some Chickadees to postpak XO


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