Tuesday 12 April 2011

Making magic

Sitting in the waiting room. Butterflies flittering all the way to my throat. Palms dripping. Women with all different sized bumps walk in and out. I keep glancing at Skip. He returns my glances with reassuring nods and a squeeze of my hand.

Finally, a women in blue steps out and calls: "Corinne!"

We follow her into the small dark room while making small chat. "Gorgeous day out there. Wow, this is your third child, this will all be old hat for you."

I just nod and climb up onto the table and stare at the blank screen up on the wall. Waiting. Waiting. Cold gel is poured over my mid and the wand goes to work.

Surely it's a magic wand, because in seconds I can see a perfect little baby fill the blank screen. Relief pours out and wonder takes over. I grab Skip's hand and grin like a loon. A perfect little being growing healthily inside me.

Throughout my pregnancies I've had many ultrasounds, with Lil-lil I was having them regularly due to having hypertension. Yet, each and every time I'm mesmerised like it's the first. Seeing your little baby doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing is pure magic.

I'm hypnotised by the beat of the heart. I'm giggling at the little wave of the arms and legs. I think I could have 100 babies (though 3 is plenty, thank you very much) and still be swept away with the magic of seeing a little bub on an ultrasound scan.

I'm thinking this will probably be my last pregnancy (all going well and I don't have a moment of lunacy down the track), so I'm looking forward to sharing it here, soaking it all in and revelling in every moment – good and bad.


  1. Congrats & good luck to you & your family sweetie.

    I need to say sorry being caught up in my studies I didn't know you were pregnant.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  2. Awwww! Congratulations! This really is such a wonderful time. I think seeing the baby on the scan makes it so much more real, I loved those visits!

  3. Congrats! There is no feeling like it is there. I had my 3rd 8 months ago. Every pregnancy has been just as special as the last :)) Look forward to reading all about your journey

  4. oh congratulations! Love that first moment of peeking inside and seeing baby.

  5. Oh, I love this Corinne!
    Isn't it a little sad when you think, "this is my last baby?" Something in the finality of it all that is just so...melancholy.
    Savor every moment of this time...it always goes by way to fast (except at the end, which you know! ;)

  6. Oh likewise Corinne... I am looking forward to you sharing your pregnancy with us too :o)
    This is a beautiful post and one I can totally relate to, as I am always terrified before hand, then completely and utterly blown away during the scan. The sense of pride, love and sheer wonder, is like nothing else. It's these moments that have me pining for another... although tonight when my 9 month old threw up all over himself, me AND the lounge, I could be convinced not to go there again ;o)

  7. I am so glad you're going to share it with us. :)

    Congratulations on seeing that perfect little baby. It's so reassuring isn't it? xx


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