Tuesday 26 April 2011

And on the seventh day... It rained

Usually when we go on holidays it rains. I don't know why, it's just the way it is. I'm kind of used to it now. I almost expect it.

This holiday, we've been blessed with gorgeous weather. Stunning weather. Warm, sunny, perfect. Today, we're all feeling blue that our holiday is coming to an end and the skies turned grey and poured rain. I don't mind, we've had such amazing days. It gives us an excuse to lie around guilt free. Reflect on what a wonderful time we've had.

Do we really have to go home? It's been such bliss.


  1. You DO have to because I need to hear all the details and see how it all panned out. I MISS you! Enjoy that last little bit x

  2. How utterly wonderful it all sounds! And it's so funny that you usually encounter rain on your holidays, as so do we! Scott and I always expect to be freezing cold and saturated by the end of the first day and feel completely blessed if we get sunny skies for the duration of the trip.
    Looking forward to reading all about it when you're back into the swing of things :o)

  3. To you your little vacation might have flown by, but to me it seems as though you have been gone for an ETERNITY.

    Can we get back to regularly scheduled programming please?

    P.S. Tell Skip I met Deana from Jersey Shore today. And she is NOT all that and a bag of chips. {shudder}


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