Tuesday 5 April 2011

Nice buns!

Now, I'm not one for plugging things on my blog, but occasionally I get an email that raises my interest (and gets my mouth watering). Baker's Delight recently contacted me and asked if the kids and I would like to taste test some hot cross buns. Um, free hot cross buns delivered to my door? Yes, please!

My girls adore hot cross buns, even Lil-lil who avoids fruit in any form will happily munch on a fruit-filled one. I have to say that I'm quite partial to one too, especially warm and slathered in butter. So, one rainy Friday, a bewildered courier arrived at my door with a bag of buns, asking: "Were you expecting these??" and the fun began. 

To help us out as there were more than a couple of buns, I called my friend and neighbour (a self-confessed hot cross bun addict) and she and her kids happily piled into my lounge room. I laid out traditional, chocolate and mocha buns. My girls were amazed that you could get chocolate hot cross buns and they were scoffed pretty quickly (they now hassle me for one each time we pass Baker's Delight). The traditional were also greedily eaten up. I'm afraid to say that the mocha ones weren't a favourite and were passed over after a quick nibble. That's OK, that meant there was something left for Skip to eat when he got home from work. 

Goosey took her job as taste-tester very seriously and took a bite out of each bun, just to make sure the quality was the same in each of course. Baker's Delight buns are delicious and soft, best of all they are my favourite trick to keep the kids from killing each other while I do the grocery shopping.

This Saturday, 9 April, you can not only get your fill of hot cross buns, but you can also help out your local children's hospital. Baker's Delight will donate $1 from every six-pack sold to local children's hospitals in an effort to raise more than $123,000. So come on, look after your stomach and help a good cause, be a part of 'Bundraiser' Day. 

There's also some more good news, the first five Australian readers to comment and tell me their favourite way to eat hot cross buns will win a $5 Baker's Delight voucher. Please ensure you include your email address.


  1. Hell yes! Love a good hot cross bun. Love any kind of bun actually ;)



  2. Yum! I love them cut in half, toasted under the griller and smothered in butter.

    pundelina at hotmail dot com

  3. what the hey, I may aswell comment! :-) love a good bun, and how fitting you also have one in your oven hehe, xx

  4. I slice them in thirds so I can slip them into my toaster and then they get crispy on both sides. Finally cover with butter and YUM!

  5. And my email is sarah@thesuperwhites.com

  6. We are big fans of the traditional hot cross bun and have been buying masses of them recently, seems to be only way to keep the boy quiet in Coles. I'm a big fan of having them toasted with strawberry jam (Bonne Maman or St Dalfour win, best combo ever) and lashings of butter. However, when I buy them they rarely seem to last beyond the shopping centre.

    rhymeswithvague at gmail.com

  7. Ohhhh YUMMO! I am a self confessed hot cross bun addict. Scott loves em too... and now even Angus is into them! I pretty much like them from anywhere, but must admit, Bakers Delight are the best... so soft, fluffy and flavoursome! What an awesome giveaway for your girls and friends... and you & bump of course ;o)

  8. One of my favourite things to eat. Warm, slathered in butter. Of COURSE! My daughter won't touch them. I'm afraid she might not be mine after all....


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