Thursday 3 February 2011


When Skip and I travelled round Australia in 03/04, we saw many incredible places. The Eyre Peninsula, the South West, Kimberly, Kakadu, well you get the idea.

Out of all the places I've been, I have memories burned on my brain of a little part of Far North Queensland known as Tully and the spectacular surrounding area, the Misty Mountains Trails. We ate lunch in Tully before Skip and I drove on small tracks in the hills around the town and were gobsmacked. I clearly remember Skip saying: "Now, this is the kind of scenery I love." Rainforest, bubbling creeks, ferns and cool mist in the tropics. Skip kept jumping from the truck to capture it on the camera, but it never worked out as beautifully as real life. I think of that day often and the tranquility and specialness of the place.

It saddens me to hear that Tully bore the brunt of Cyclone Yasi last night. It's a gorgeous little town. I hope they can get back on their feet soon. Here are a couple of photos Skip took trying to capture Tully. Looking at these it's hard to imagine such a tranquil place being torn apart by wind and rain raging like a freight train.


  1. beautiful beautiful photos rin...
    but so sad to hear that these small town centres bore the brunt of this huge cyclone. hope they will all be safe+well x

  2. Very beautiful part of the world. I don't want to see how it looks in the aftermath.

  3. Beautiful photos!
    What is going on in this world?
    Snowpacolypse across the US, cyclone's and flooding in Australia, and anarchy in Egypt?


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