Monday 21 February 2011

The artist

Lil-lil has recently developed a strange habit. I'm constantly discovering little pieces of what she calls "her work". Usually they're tied onto a door knob or handle. They have been tied on to the handlebars of her scooter or the back of a chair. It always involves little pieces of string, yarn or rope. Then she artistically attaches leaves, tissues, rubber bands, beads and any odds and ends she finds. Sometime it will involve a coathanger or a balloon. Whatever takes her fancy.

These art installations are popping up round the house at a fast rate. They keep her entertained for hours.

Here's a pic of one she did on Saturday night, what you can't see is it's attached by string to a balloon, her scooter and a toy golf club case. It was certainly one of her bigger pieces.

So, do you think we'll see her in the National Gallery one day?


  1. without question! I love it...and i love this time when they discover different types of personal expression... definitely pieces to keep for the draper collection of art! xx

  2. I love when kids show their artistic side - So cute :)

  3. My Cappers is the same. So inventive... leaving little bits and pieces of art all over the place. Ready for me to step on or (heaven forbid!) overlook. Our house is brimming with her creativity. x

  4. That's so adorable. I too have to be careful with that. They're like little nature necklaces or something!

  5. Awww beautiful, she looks like quite the budding artist. I can recall making similar masterpieces as a child. I was always pulling ours and my grandparents garden apart... sourcing out inspiration!


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