Friday 4 February 2011

True heroes

Like everyone else, I'm constantly inspired by people. Amazed by what they achieve and how they live their lives.

When I was three, I thought Snow White was it. Beautiful, the singing voice of an angel.
By the time I was seven, I thought Boy George was the best thing around.
At 13, River Phoenix and James Dean were perfection in my book.
At 15, The Beatles and The Doors were the greatest musicians ever. At 17, it was Nirvana.
At 19, wanting to be an Academy-award winning film director, I admired Hitchcock, Godard, Huston, Scorcese.

I've always admired writers, activists. People dedicating their lives to changing the world. People who achieve the extraordinary. I love reading biographies about the lives of people who have an amazing lives.

Recently, I've looked around me and noticed the incredible lives my friends and family lead. One friend is a talented artist who lives a positive life despite having a chronic illness. Another friend who has carved out a successful career in advertising, while always going out of her way for her friends and family. Another who has a PhD and a successful academic career while raising a young family.

I've recognised that my mum and dad aren't just 'mum' and 'dad'. My mum, who practically raised herself, went on to raise a family, support my dad as he travelled the world forging his career and then went on to have a career of her own when most people are thinking of retiring. My dad, has travelled and met incredible people and had amazing experiences. Taken risks and had an enormously successful career, all while staying dedicated to his passion of music.

This week, I've been blown away by the people who live under my roof. Lil-lil took on her new challenge of preschool with gusto. She was confident, calm, kind and excited. Her poise and demeanor was fabulous. I could learn a few lessons from her about how to face the world.

Then Goosey went into hospital and was the bravest little mite. She was scared, but never whinged, cried or fussed. Even after the operation, feeling poorly, she never complained. She was a trooper. Her bravery astounded me. I was even secretly impressed with her cunning when she tricked the nurse and hid the medication in the back of her mouth.

Skip has had a big achievement at work. All his hard work has paid off and he's gaining recognition for it. He has worked hard, waded through a lot of crap and made a career for himself that I don't think even he thought was possible (even if I did). I'm so proud at what he has done. I'm so proud of all my little family.

So, in a lot of ways, this is just a braggy 'aren't the people around me just the best' post. It's also a post to say, it's not just the seemingly extraordinary or genius people that can inspire you. I spent many years idolising people who I had never met, who were often dead. If you take a good look at your own life, you may just uncover true and real inspiration. It's the little everyday things – facing fears, working hard, taking risks, plugging on regardless, that make people extraordinary and life worth living.


  1. Here here!
    What a superb post!
    I absolutely love this one Corinne because it rings completely true!
    Congrats to Skip on a job well done!


  2. Awesome post Corrine! There is nothing braggy at all about realising and enjoying the fab folk around you x

  3. Oh rin.... that was some beautiful writing!! Thankyou too for your kind words! And after everything that has happened in Cairo and Nth QLD, its good to know that we have it pretty good...xx

  4. Beautiful post. More and more, the older and wiser we get, we appreciate those around us as contributing more meaningfully to our lives.

  5. Indeed there are. Fabulous post! So glad that things were good this week despite all the nerves and trepidation. Well done YOU x

  6. This is a beautiful post Corrine and so incredibly true. I also find the older I get, the more in awe I become of various friends and family members for who they are or what they do or sometimes the adversity they have faced. Also like yourself, I feel exceedingly proud of those people and thankful beyond words to have them in my life. It is so nice to see such feelings put into words the way you have and it's lovely that you seem to have so many wonderful heroes/heroines in your life. Very uplifting.

  7. Ah, love this! I hope you tell your family how inspirational they are (I'm sure you do). I try to remember to tell that to my kids when I recognize it, to balance out all the harping! x


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