Tuesday 15 February 2011

The right side of the tracks

Today was the first day since Lil-lil started preschool that Goosey was well and and we had no plans. After the preschool drop-off we looked at each other and said: "Well, now what?"

It's lovely having time to spend one-on-one with Goose. It's really the first time we've ever got to do it. The chance to just hang out and talk about the world. She gets the opportunity to talk without being drowned out by her sister. For me, it's lovely (plus it's soooo much easier just parenting one child for a few hours).

Today with a few free hours stretching in front of us, we went to our local train station and jumped on a train bound for the city. I used to do stuff like that with Lil-lil all the time before Goose was born, but I don't think I've done it since. Goosey loved it. The platform, choosing a seat, watching the world whizz by the window and seeing the people board and alight the train. She especially loved the tunnels as she could admire her reflection in the window.

The trip to the city and back was just long enough for her to get her fill. In the car on the way home she chattered away about riding the train. I'm so enjoying this special time together – just mother and daughter. It's long overdue for Goose. Now, to plan something for next week. Any ideas?


  1. Oooh I love those adventures! Mix up all the public transports - buses, ferries as they can be short and sweet. I used to do a bus to Broadway for a donut and then feed the ducks in the pond over the road home again. Just over and hour and everyone is happy! Art Gallery is good too...

  2. With Cappers just started school, I am also loving having my one little Badoo at home on my Wednesdays. As my third, she is beside herself with the excitement of being alone with Mummy. But I do notice that she talks on and on about her siblings, which is a good indication that they are a BIG part of her world.

    Something that's waaaay easier with 1 rather than more-than-1 is a visit to an art gallery or the museum! x

  3. What about making a trip to the supermarket together to buy ingredients for making a cake or treat or making a picnic lunch and going to the park :) So many lovely times for you both to share! xx

  4. Ah lovely and I agree, it is one upside to preschool, getting to spend time with the baby of the family. I always like a picnic in the park, doesn't have to be flash, just a few sandwiches, fruit and a special treat :o)

  5. oh that sounds like my kind of public transport fun!!! I would get on a ferry next, and go on a round trip to Cockatoo island! Such a great trip and it doesnt have to take too long...But Im gad to hear that Goose is feeling much better! yay..xx

  6. Sounds divine! I am also enjoying my littlest girl, now her big sister is at kinder. I have let her literally stop to smell the roses and other plants and flowers, and she loves it. Next week, we are off swimming, and I think your idea of a train trip is excellent. Enjoy every moment :)


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