Friday 25 February 2011

Guest star appearance

I was brought up on a solid diet of TV in the '80s. First runs, re-runs, whatever, I loved it all. They just don't make telly like they used to. One of the parts I loved, loved, loved was when one of your favourite characters would drop into another show for an episode or two. Like the time Mork from Ork appeared at Arnold's in Happy Days. Or even better when Laverne & Shirley popped in to visit Ritchie and the Fonz. The Love Boat was always filled with 'special guest stars'.

Of course in the '90s the best episodes of Melrose Place were when they dragged Kelly from 90210 back so she could help boost their flailing ratings. Then there was when was The Young & the Restless/Bold and the Beautiful crossovers – the crazy Sheila caused such wonderful havoc on both shows.

This weekend I get to make my very own Guest Star Appearance. Yes, that's right The Daze of My Life is hitting the road. With none other than the fabulous Pink Patent Mary Janes. Where are we headed? We're going to visit the 'set' of my favourite BabyMac. Yep, we're going to actually stay in that gorgeous house you've probably read so much about.

I've heard whispers that there will be scones made by Bev herself. Possibly a trip to her famous local. There will be pork and Champagne. There will be a lot of laughter. I can not wait. Who knows, we may have our own spin-off blog?

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Fabulous concept - love it. I so want to be "Special Guest Star Heather Locklear" {why was she always Special Guest Star despite being a long-term cast member?}

  2. Sounds like fun. I'm with PPMJ - why was she always a Special Guest?

  3. Being the TV junkie I was growing up (I prefer to call it training for working on weekly celebrity gossip rags) I know Heather put in her contract that she had to continue being billed as 'Special Guest Star'. She earnt a LOT more than the others so wanted to be billed separately. They were willing to do anything for her as she single-handedly saved Melrose Place.

  4. Your weekend sounds SUPER! Enjoy every second of it.

    My weekend... Baby shower on Sunday which will be nice, my sis and Mum organised high tea at a swish hotel for all my friends.

    Tomorrow, who knows. Doing last minute baby things I think... Eek!

  5. I am going to try to sneak into your bag - sounds like heaven xo

  6. As I said at Beth's today, I'd like some photographic evidence of this confab, especially once the champagne has been flowing for a while. A video would be even better. You've have a ball! J x

  7. I'm with Kristin, pictures!


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