Tuesday 8 February 2011

Run Forest Run

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I always remember this quote from Back to the Future 3:

Saloon Old Timer #3:If everybody's got one of these auto-whatsits, does anybody walk or run anymore? 
Doc: Of course we run. But for recreation. For fun. 
Saloon Old Timer #3: Run for fun? What the hell kind of fun is that? 

This was exactly my thoughts, running is so not fun. I've never been a runner. It's just something that has never clicked with me. I've never (and I mean ever) just gone for a run or jog. 

Sure I've exercised, I've walked, done circuit training, aerobics, pilates, yoga, boxing, etc, but I've never run. The last time I remember running for the sole purpose of running (ie not running for a bus, or to catch a child) was at my year 5 athletics carnival, it was the 800m and by the time I saw the finish line, they had already started the next race. The shame and humiliation of that day made me swear off running ever since, that and the fact I could just not see any fun in it.

The past couple of months I've been looking for an activity to get me fit. I want to lose weight, get fit and have an activity that's just for me. I also wanted to give myself a challenge. 

Over and over in the blogging world I've come across people doing the Couch to 5km program. I would think 'Good on them, but that's not for me I don't run.' I even had a chat with Sharni from Sharnanigans when she was training for her 5km and she suggested I try it. I, of course, said: "I don't do running."

Any way this stupid Couch to 5km thing kept coming back to me. I started to think, "Hmm maybe I could do it." Then, "Wouldn't it be amazing if I could run 5km, imagine that, me the ultimate non-runner running 5km."

I think that last thought alone pushed me over line. So, yesterday with the program downloaded onto my iPhone, I hit a local park and did the first session. I completed it and I actually ran. This is a god-damned miracle (and no, I didn't throw up yet, Beth. Though I wouldn't rule it out).

While I still don't like running, I love the thought of being able to do it anywhere, anytime and for free. With the first session done, I'm now pumped and determined to finish this thing. I keep saying to Skip, "Wouldn't it be amazing, if I could run 5km. Me?!" 

Indeed, it would be. So watch this space.


  1. yee-ha! you go girl...I know you can do it! x

  2. And you will. That's the best thing about it. Good girl!

  3. Well done. I'm not into running much either but isn't it so satisfying once you do get out there?! And it's often just that first step that needs to be made. Good luck with it!

  4. Corinne! WHat you might not understand is that you are me, I was the ultimate non-runner too!! And I did it! And it was the most amazing thing ever, especially when I go over the track in the car and think holy hell I ran ALL THAT WAY!!!! Stick to it , push personal boundaries, even when you hate it COrinne you will be SO proud of yourself at the end! Let me know if you need any tips hehe xx

  5. Well done , you can do it.
    I started ther c25k 5 weeks ago , now up to week6.
    I was never a runner and always came last or next to last ;).
    My goal is Mothers' Day Classic.
    It isn't easy but I am thudding along.The app is awesome.

  6. I'll be joining you in this C25k business once I buy the shoes. I saw a PT last month and she took one look at my Converse and said "you are not running in those!".
    Good luck with it all! Look forward to hearing how you go.

  7. I have absolutely no doubt at all that you can do it. And a gentle hug, for your inner-embarrassed fifth-grader. xox

  8. Oh my goodness I looked across at your blogroll ..... I put poo on your blog. Sorry! (I'm relieved to know your little one does it too: I salute you.) XOX

  9. That is so cool! Follow the programme and you will get there. I am living proof of that. I NEVER ran and now I do (sort of!). x

  10. I was exactly the same when Sharni starting her running adventure. I wanted to join in but running was too bloody hard. But for some reason I stuck at it and actually started to enjoy it. Now I feel quite chuffed that I can say "I'm going for a run" to the husband and escape for half an hour and come home feeling pretty damn good.
    Stick with it!

  11. Go you! I know so many people who've done it. I am not one of them. Never will be. But I always said I'd never go back to the gym... and yet, here I am. Sigh. Never say never.

  12. Awesome Corinne, good on you for stepping outside the proverbial comfort zone, I am sure you will be so glad you did.
    I am a runner, but wasn't always. It's slightly addictive, so once you start, it is really hard to stop. Then before you know it, you're running 6, 8, 10km! Look forward to reading about your progress :o)


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