Sunday 13 February 2011

Hearts, flowers and your name up in lights

Tomorrow is that old Hallmark day of love – St Valentine's Day. I've never really been into Valentine's Day. Once or twice Skip and I have gone out for dinner, another time I remember a delicious duck dinner at home being interrupted by a non-sleeping, crying baby. Oh so romantic! Valentine's Day is the day my Grandma passed away, so I tend to remember that first. For some reason I also think about Picnic at Hanging Rock, but now I'm rambling. Tomorrow the day will probably pass without much notice in our house.

Of course, most days I'd love to prove my love to Skip by writing it in letters 10 feet high. Of course there are other days where I don't, but we won't mention them while I'm trying to lovey dovey. The people at Telstra are helping people declare their love in huge letters on the side of their flagship building in Melbourne. All you have to do is is text your name and the person you heart to 0437 464 646. They'll then send you an MMS of you and your love's name up in lights. Pretty cool, huh?

Check it out:

So there you go Skip, I do love you. The Telstra building says so. Happy Valentine's Day.

Event: Telstra’s Billboard of Love. 
 From Friday 11
th to Monday 14th February (Valentine’s Day).
Time: The screen will be displaying love messages between 8.00am and 10.00pm.
Venue: Melbourne Telstra Store - 246 Bourke Street (Cnr Swanston & Bourke).


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